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Diversity Week Panels Support Discussions About Inclusion

April, 2017
  • QCC campus police officers
  • QCC campus police officers speak at panel

The “Who We Are and What We Do: Opportunities for Inclusion” Panel was part of QCC’s Diversity Week, a week for QCC to celebrate its diversity and raise awareness.

The panel discussion included several Worcester community leaders, such as Sharon McQueen, a LGBTQ Liaison Officer from the Worcester Police Department and Lt. Catherine Dixon, the Community Outreach Officer from the QCC Campus Police, who spoke about their professional and personal journeys to their current positions. QCC Board of Trustees member Miguel A. Lopez, a lieutenant in the Worcester Police Department and QCC alumni, also participated in the panel.

Following the panel, held on April 5, there was further discussion panel, “What Makes You Unique,” where students could discuss the culture at QCC, their personal hobbies, what their religion means to them and share their own journeys in life.

Kelly Lamond, Program Assistant for Student Life at QCC, said the room was packed in the Fuller Student Center and the engaging conversation from the inclusion panel continued into the next panel discussion. She said students discussed everything from what it means to be a Muslim woman at QCC to anime and gaming culture, to social stigma surrounding tattoos.