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While most Psychology classes at QCC do not require research participation, if you are interested in studying psychology, it can be useful to actually see psychological research happening first hand. Plus students involved in attending graduate school in psychology can strengthen their application by conducting psychological research during undergraduate study. Students who are interested in research are encouraged to contact faculty  to discuss assisting with their research on a voluntary basis, or, they might be interested in serving as a research participant.  Students may also contact emania [at] (subject: Inquiry%20re%3A%20Honors%20credit%20research%20from%20QCC%20Psych%20dept.%20website) (Eric Mania) to discuss conducting original research in social psychology for  honors credit in connection with PSY 181 (Social Psychology).

Get involved with psychology research at QCC!

  • Jen Arner Welsh is a developmental psychologist, who is particularly interested in adolescence, girls’ and women’s development, science learning and abstract reasoning.  While she is well-versed in traditional quantitative and statistical methods, Jen’s expertise is in qualitative research, specifically grounded theory analysis of interview data.  Jen would be delighted to work with students on projects related to their own interests (even if they are not the same as her own), and also would be interested in collaborating with interested students on her own research on the intersection between personal and disciplinary theories of knowing.  jarner [at] (subject: Inquiry%20re%3A%20research%20from%20QCC%20Psych%20dept.%20website) (Contact Jen.)
  • Eric Mania is a social psychologist whose major research interest is in the area of prejudice and discrimination. He is particularly interested in subtle and unintentional forms of discrimination as understood within the aversive racism perspective and in the development of strategies to improve intergroup, interethnic, and interracial relations. He also has an interest in interpersonal and intergroup forgiveness.  But really there isn’t much in social psychology that he doesn’t find fascinating. Eric is passionate about research and about engaging students with the research process. He would be excited to work with students interested in conducting research in any area of social psychology (social cognition, the self, conformity, attitudes, aggression, helping behavior, prejudice, et cetera.).  emania [at] (subject: Inquiry%20re%3A%20research%20from%20QCC%20Psych%20dept.%20website) (Contact Eric.)

Participate in online research!

Increasingly, when possible psychologists are conducting research online – it is an easy way to recruit participants and collect data, although, like any form of research, it has its own specific challenges.  If you are interested in participating in psychology research as a participant, you might check out these sites.  These are not hosted through QCC, and we are not responsible for their content.  These are, however, sites that at last check were reputable and respectable research sites.