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STEM Starter Academy

  • Hao Loi & QCC Computer Science presenters
  • Leah Berthiaume: "Evolution of Consciousness"
  • Alondra Pichardo:" Artifical Intelligence Taking over People's Jobs"
  • Maximus Seale: "Self Driving Cars"
  • Nathan Daniel Manna: "The Theatricality of Reality"
  • Amanda LeBeau: "Illusion of Death"
  • Kyle LaPointe: "Polygon Filling Using Triangulation-Driven Programming Palette Tool"
  • Anthony Ramos: "Immersing into a Robot's Perspective in Virutal Reality Using the Oculus Rift"
  • Valkyrie: NASA Robot at UMASS Amherst

QCC Students present at UMASS Amherst Undergraduate Research Conference on April 28, 2017

STEM Starter Academy (SSA) is a is a state-funded initiative to support community college efforts at all fifteen campuses to inform, engage, recruit, retain, and graduate significantly more students in STEM. The primary goal is to graduate more community students with STEM degrees and certificates so they can either enter the work force or transfer to a four-year institution. The secondary goal is to recruit more students into the STEM pipeline at the community colleges.

SSA at QCC - 2017-2018

  • STEM-focused recruitment strategies designed to debunk misconceptions and emphasize the exciting opportunities in engineering, technology, computing & information technology, sciences & math.
  • STEM-focused campus visits and events for prospective students, guidance counselors, teachers, families and community-based career counselors.
  • STEM Exploration Day: Spring  - High school students experience a variety of STEM workshops on campus. 
  • Manufacturing Day in October 
  • STEM field trips: Women in STEM Summit, Company Tour TBA, Undergraduate Research Conference at UMASS Amherst
  • Enhanced STEM academic, career, and transfer advising to guide students in choosing the right career and academic pathway.
  • QCC Launched STEM College & Career Fair.
  • Student Research Projects
  • Group Biology & CAD Tutoring in the QuEST Center

QuEST Center at QCC
QuEST Center at QCC

STEM classes in the QuEST Center