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Transfer to QCC

Transferring to QCC from another college is easy and can be done in 4 steps:

  1. Apply to QCC, paper or online.
  2. Submit proof of high school graduation or equivalent.
  3. Request that your former institution mail your college transcripts to QCC Admissions Office. This is the only way that transcripts will be considered official.
  4. Make an appointment with an academic advisor. It's a good idea to bring an unofficial transcript to your advisor appointment so that he or she can consider previous credits taken when assisting you to select your courses. You can make your advising appointment prior to your acceptance to the college.

Transfer from QCC

As a member of the Massachusetts Public Higher Education System, Quinsigamond Community College maintains strong ties with all of Massachusetts' public four-year colleges and universities, and offers the MassTransfer program to support students as they continue their higher education goals.

We also sponsor articulation agreements with a number of private four-year colleges and universities locally and regionally. These relationships permit our students to transfer to a range of academic programs and institutions, and advance toward their four-year degrees more easily, quickly, and affordably.

Where do QCC students transfer?

Each semester and every year, QCC students transfer all over the region and the country. Local favorites include Assumption College, Clark University, and Worcester State College, but we also send students to such far off destinations as Washington State University, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, among others.

Ways to transfer

Some students come to QCC to complete one course, or one semester, before continuing at a four-year college. Others stay through to graduation and take advantage of the benefit of an Associate's degree, including transfer agreements with a variety of Baccalaureate partner institutions. Regardless of how short or how long a student attends QCC, it’s helpful to think of transfer in terms of pathways. Go to Transfer Pathways at the QCC Transfer Office website to learn more.

Transfer Agreements

QCC has agreements with private colleges and universities, as well as the statewide MassTransfer program, which guarantees admission at Massachusetts state colleges and universities. Through these different agreements, QCC graduates transfer into a range of academic programs and can advance toward their four-year degrees more easily, quickly, and affordably. For more information, visit the Articulations page at the QCC Transfer Office website.


In June 2008, the Board of Higher Education approved a new statewide transfer policy called MassTransfer. MassTransfer seeks to provide a broad population of students with straightforward and understandable options toward the completion of associate and baccalaureate degrees, clearing the way for student access and student success in Massachusetts’ public higher education system. MassTransfer has two main purposes:

  • To provide community college students who complete designated associate degrees under MassTransfer with the benefits of the full transfer and applicability of credit, guaranteed admission, and a tuition discount (each benefit based on the student’s final grade point average) to linked baccalaureate programs.
  • To provide any student in the Massachusetts public higher education system the intermediate goal of completing a portable transfer block (“MassTransfer Block”) which satisfies general education/distribution/core requirements across institutions (with the receiving institution able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses).

MassTransfer integrates and replaces the former statewide transfer programs: Commonwealth Transfer Compact, Joint Admissions, and the Tuition Advantage Program. For details, go to MassTransfer Information at the QCC Transfer Office website.

Special Scholarships for QCC graduates

Scholarships are available to QCC graduates who transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Some scholarships are school-specific, and others can be used at the student’s choice of institution. For more information, go to the Scholarships page at the QCC Transfer Office website.

Transfer resources at QCC

The QCC Transfer Office provides a variety of services and resources to help students develop their transfer plan:

For additional information about these transfer programs and resources, customized advising, and related support services, contact the QCC Transfer Coordinator, Dan de la Torre, at 508.854.4404 or via email at transfer [at]