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Psychology Events


Through the Psychology Club, QCC’s chapter of the the Psi Beta Honor Society, and in collaboration with other clubs and departments, the Psychology Department sponsors a host of films, speakers, and discussion sessions on related topics.

Upcoming Events

To be notified of new events via email, vclemente [at] (subject: Inquiry%20re%3A%20Psych%20Club%20from%20QCC%20Psychology%20Department%20website, body: Please%20subscribe%20me%20to%20Psychology%20Club%20event%20notification%20and%20meeting%20updates.%20This%20email%20was%20generated%20on%20the%20QCC%20psychology%20department%20website.) (join our email list), and updates with detailed event information will be delivered conveniently to your inbox.

Selected Past Events

  • You Are What I Feel: The Affective Realism Hypothesis - Jolie Wormwood, Ph.D [Oct. 2017]
  • 2nd Annual Psych Fest [April 2017]
  • Film screening: 'Dreamcatcher' - feat. Nikki Bell of LIFT [March 2017]
  • ECT: A Danger or Effective Therapy? - Tatyana Shteinlukht, M.D. [Feb. 2017]
  • 1st Annual Psych Fest [Nov. 2016]
  • Film Screening: 'The Year We Thought About Love' [Oct. 2016]
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder - Donna Murray, Ph.D. [April 2016]
  • 'Abandoned Asylums of Massachusetts,' Author Signing [March 2016]
  • Exploring the Potential of Sport Psychology in the Helping Professions - Vernon Percy, Ph.D. [Oct. 2015]
  • Healing Children with Music: Pediatric Clinical Music Therapy - Kayla C. Daly, MA, MT-BC, LMHC [Sept. 2015]
  • Juvenile Forensics and the Juvenile Court System - Mathilde Pelaprat, Psy.D. [April 2015]*
  • Windows on the Brain in Action - David Kennedy, M.D. [March 2015]
  • The Truth About Lying: Recognizing the Liar in Your Life - Robert Feldman, Ph.D. [March 2015]
  • Diversity and Psychology - Jonathan Jenkins, Psy.D. [Feb. 2015]
  • The 365Z Foundation - Rosemary & Brittany Ford, Paul Laoava [Feb. 2015]
  • Stress Management for Savvy Students - Jennifer Rapkin, Ph.D. [Nov. 2014]
  • Making Change Happen: Why Reform is Needed in Our Criminal Justice System - Bernard B. Kerik [Oct. 2014]*
  • How Wanting to be Right Limits Racial Progress - Eric Mania, Ph.D. [Oct. 2014]
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst Undergraduate Student Research Speakers [March 2014]
  • Post Deployment Readjustment Issues for Military Personnel - Gregory Quenneville, MSW, LSW [March 2014]
  • Girls’ Experiences with Puberty and Their Transition to Womanhood - Theresa Jackson, Ph.D. [Nov. 2013]
  • Wearing Your Heart On Your…Face - Eric Hehman, Ph.D. [March 2013]
  • The Bystander Effect: How to be a Pro-Active Bystander - Lindsay Carpenter, M.A. [March 2013]

*In coordination with the Criminal Justice Club