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Jen Arner Welsh, PhD

Jen Arner Welsh graduated from Earlham College in 2000 with a BA in Psychology.  After working in Student Affairs in higher education for 3 years, she returned to graduate school, and received her PhD in Developmental Psychology from Clark University in 2010. Jen’s research interests include epistemological development, science learning, adolescence, feminist theory and parenting.  She is an active member of the Jean Piaget Society.

Jen has been teaching full-time at QCC since fall of 2009.  She teaches Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Human Development I: Conception to Adolescence and Self-Assessment and Career Planning.  All of Jen’s classes are web-enhanced and involve interactive class discussion, critical thinking and applying psychological and developmental concepts to students’ real life experiences.  As a developmentalist, Jen is passionate about the process of assessing each student’s current skills and needs, and working with them to meet those needs and to scaffold their ongoing development.  In addition to working with students as individuals, Jen also greatly enjoys facilitating strong learning relationships among students, encouraging discussion, collaboration and sharing in the classroom.  Jen’s ideal class is one where students laugh, learn something new about themselves and those around them, and discover ideas that they’ll take with them wherever their futures may lead.

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