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Student Accessibility Services FAQs

  1. What are your hours of operation?
    Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  2. What does the Student Accessibility Services Office do?
    Student Accessibility Services provides reasonable academic accommodations and assistance for students with learning, physical, and/or emotional/psychiatric disabilities. Examples of accommodations include extended time for examinations, use of assistive technology, and notetaking. Other assistance can include selection of courses, a center for first year students, and support groups.
  3. I think I have a disability. What do I do?
    You will be asked to speak to one of the professional staff to begin to determine whether your condition, or situation, could be considered a disability. If appropriate, based on the discussion, you will fill out an Initial Contact Form, and the process for services will begin.
  4. How do I receive Student Accessibility Services?
    You must provide documentation of your disability to Student Accessibility Services and fill out the Initial Contact Form. Based on your type of disability, you will be assigned to a Coordinator, who will contact you for an intake appointment, at which the types of services appropriate for your circumstances will be determined.
  5. Does Disability Services complete assessments to provide documentation of disability?
    No. Disability Services does not do assessments. The Coordinator will advise the student of assessment options; i.e., private assessment, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, etc.
  6. How do I utilize my extended testing accommodations?
    Follow the printed guidelines, as outlined in the Extended Testing Memo. Professional staff are available for further clarification.
  7. How do I get a tutor?
    All students are encouraged to use the services of tutors in the General Academic Areas (GAA) - Tutoring Center, Math and English Labs. In addition, some students affiliated with Disability Services may receive assistance from transition tutors working directly through our Student Success Center.
  8. How do I become a tutor/note taker?
    Fill out a part-time employee interest card. The Associate Director of Student Accessibility Services will interview candidates. Once assigned, the transition tutor/notetaker will fill out related paperwork.
  9. Do I need an appointment to meet with a professional Coordinator?
    If you have an appointment, the receptionist will let the staff member know that you are here. If you do not have an appointment, the receptionist will check with the staff member to see if you can meet briefly to arrange an appointment, or whether you can meet for a longer period of time.