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Women's Basketball

  • Women's Basketball Team


The QCC Athletic Department would like to welcome Coach Lynch as the new Women' s Head Basketball Coach.

Coach Lynch has been involved with basketball since the mid-1980’s, coaching at all age levels. He has served as a Board Member and coach for the Chelmsford Youth Basketball League for nearly 15 years, previously serving as the Girls’ Travel Director , and now as President of CYBL. In addition, he has also coached for a number of AAU clubs in the area.

Coach Lynch believes that serving as a Head Coach requires much more than just what takes place on the court. Having spent the last 30+ years in corporate positions of leadership, he brings experience in building and mentoring diversified teams, cultivating long-lasting relationships, driving continuous improvement, and promoting brand identity. He adds “these skills are equally necessary to further the success of the program and the ideals of the school.”

When not coaching, he spends time volunteering for both Lahey Medical Health Center and the Beth Israel Lahey Health system, focusing in the areas of patient experience, quality, and diversification in healthcare.

Anyone looking to join the team or to learn more can shoot him an email at athleticcenter [at] or call him at 508.854.7418.

2022-2023 Schedule

Tuesday, November 155:00 p.m.vs.UCAP 2:15pm8:30pmAWAY
Thursday, November 175:00 p.m.vs.Roxbury CCQCC  HOME
Saturday, November 1912:00 p.m.vs.BunkerhillQCC  HOME
Tuesday, November 227:00 p.m.vs.C.C.R.I.Warwick, RI2:30pm8:30pmAWAY
Thursday, December 15:00 p.m.vs.STCCSpringfield, MA2:30pm8:30pmAWAY
Saturday, December 312:00 p.m.vs.Massasoit C.C.Brockton, MA9:45am3:15pmAWAY
Thursday, December 85:00 p.m.vs.Bristol C.CQCC  HOME
Saturday, December 101:00 p.m.vs.Gateway C.CNew Haven, CT9:30am5:30pmAWAY
Tuesday, December 135:00 p.m.vs.Holyoke C.C.Holyoke, MA2:45pm8:30pmAWAY
Wednesday, January 195:00 p.m.vs.Gateway C.CQCC  HOME
Monday, January 245:00 p.m.vs.C.C.R.I.QCC  HOME
Wednesday, January 265:00 p.m.vs.Massasoit C.C.QCC  HOME
Friday, February 412:00 p.m.vs.Bristol C.CBristol, MA9:45am3:30pmAWAY
Monday, February 77:00 p.m.vs.Bunkerhill C.C.Boston, MA2:45pm8:15pmAWAY
Wednesday, February 95:30 p.m.vs.UCAPQCC  HOME
Friday, February 1112:00 p.m.vs.Roxbury CCRoxbury, MA9:45am3:30pmAWAY
Wednesday, February 165:00 p.m.vs.Holyoke C.C.QCC  HOME
Friday, February 1812:00 p.m.vs.STCCQCC  HOME