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Philosophy & Learning Objectives

QCC Psychology Department Mission Statement

The goal of the Psychology Department is to provide quality instruction that excites students while familiarizing them with psychology.  As a point of contact between our students and the field of psychology, we provide a broad foundation in the theories, research methods, and applications of psychology. As a result, students become prepared to consider a major in psychology at a four-year institution and to excel in upper-level psychology coursework. As part of the Quinsigamond Community College community, the psychology department assists students in making educational, career, and life decisions by offering curriculum designed to promote self-discovery and career exploration. The Psychology Department also supports students’ educational development in numerous career areas, such as human services and health care, by providing a relevant foundation in psychology, by encouraging critical thinking, and by showing students how psychology provides an understanding of behavior that can be used in many professions and in everyday life.

Learning Objectives

A committee is currently working on establishing shared learning objectives for our Introduction to Psychology course.  Those learning objectives will ultimately be shared in this section of this website.  As the committee develops shared objectives for other Psychology courses taught at QCC, they will also be posted here.

In the meantime, we’d like to refer you to the APA’s recommendations for introductory psychology courses.