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Military Benefits

You may be eligible for one or more of the following benefits:

If you are a member of the National Guard, Reserves, Active Duty Military, Retired From or former Active Duty, or a Dependent of a Veteran you may be eligible to receive Veteran's Educational Benefits.

Step One:

Visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs Website to find out if you qualify for Educational Benefits. Once you have determined your eligibility complete the Veterans On-Line Application for VA Benefits.

STEP Two: Apply for Admission to the college.

  1. Come and Visit the Veteran's Affairs Office in the Main Administration Building at the Worcester Campus rooms 258A and we can help you along the process of Applying and Scheduling. Or, you can follow the procedure below and then make an appointment to come in and finish up the rest of the paperwork.  You can contact us at tel: 508.854.2721 or you can email us at veteranaffairs [at]
  2. Apply online, QCC Application, or pick one up in the Admissions Office in the Harrington Learning Center or call, 508.854.4262. We urge you to start now. The sooner your application is completed, the sooner you can move forward with the following enrollment steps. The application fee is waived if you apply online!
  3. Submit your high school (and college, if applicable) transcript to Admissions.
  4. Come and Visit the Veteran's Affairs Office in the Main Administration Building at the Worcester Campus rooms 258A.
  5. If you are applying for financial assistance, obtain a Financial Aid application from Room 165 in the Administration Building or from the Financial Aid webpage; follow the directions for submitting to the appropriate agency.
  6. If you have a disability, visit Disability Services in Room 246 in the Administration Building, or call 508.854.4471 to meet with an advisor.
  7. Once accepted to the College, you will schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor to select your courses, put together your schedule, and register for the semester. Course selection takes place in the Advising Office, in the Welcome Center, on the second floor of the Harrington Learning Center. Please call 508.854.4308 to schedule your individual appointment.
  8. Once you have registered, proceed to the Student Payment Center, Room 65 in the Administration Building, 508.854.4560, to satisfy your bill. You may pay in full or arrange for a payment plan.

Step Three:

Make an appointment or drop by to meet with us on the main campus in the Administration Building rooms 258A. Make an appointment at 508.854.2721 Please bring your paperwork with you. We will also need the following: 

DD-214 Copy 4
Certificate of Eligibility (Either from the VA or From your unit (Guard and Reserves)
Reserve or National Guard Certificate of Eligibility
Form 1995 if you have used your benefits at another institution.