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General Academic Areas (GAA) - Tutoring Center

The General Academic Areas (GAA) Tutoring Center is a tutoring and student resource center that offers appointment-based tutoring for a variety of academic subjects. We promote active, collaborative learning, where students work with a tutor in one-on-one and small group sessions to help clarify course concepts and build study skills to foster independent learning. All GAA resources are available for students in both on-the-ground and online current QCC courses, and are available only to current QCC courses for which a student is registered. 

Remote Tutoring - Fall 2020

While QCC remains remote for the Fall 2020 semester, all GAA tutoring sessions and all other resources are on the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center Blackboard course. If you are a currently registered student, this Blackboard course is automatically available to you. To locate us, log into The Q, click on Blackboard, and under "My Courses and Communities," find the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center

Tutoring Sessions

All tutoring sessions will take place on Zoom via the General Academic Areas Tutoring Center Blackboard.

To make an appointment:

  1. Find the subject, class, tutor, and day/time that works best for you from our current Fall 2020 Schedule.
  2. Email gaa [at] with your selection.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions how to access your individual tutoring session on Zoom via our Blackboard.

Individual and Small Group Tutoring

We offer both individual and small group tutoring. What's the difference between individual and small group tutoring? Check out the benefits of both. ​

Blackboard and Zoom Assistance

If you need assistance navigating your Blackboard courses, start with this Remote Instruction FAQ that answers common questions. If you need additional assistance in Blackboard or Zoom, email us to set up an appointment. 

Review Sessions and Workshops

Depending on your course, we offer a variety of additional review sessions and workshops. Check the GAA Blackboard for more information. 

Additional Online Tutoring

ThinkingStorm is an online tutoring service that offers live, on-demand tutoring for both on-the-ground and online courses in a variety of subjects. Students can chat live with a tutor, submit a question or problem, or submit a paper for review. ThinkingStorm is free and available to all current QCC students, and can be accessed through their QCC course's Blackboard dashboard. See the information about how to log in on the right.

Resources for Faculty

Sample Text for Syllabus

If you would like to include us on your syllabus, please consider this suggestion for text. 

Class Orientations

At the start of the semester, you received an email with all current information about the services we offer for your subject area. In that email is a link to our new video orientation, created and voiced by all of our tutors. Please feel free to show or post that video in your courses. If you need the link to video, please email gaa [at]

Peer Tutor Recommendations

Tutoring is an excellent way to allow high-achieving students to gain experience by working with their peers. It is also a good resume-builder, leadership opportunity, and opportunity for students who may be inclined towards careers in the education field. Recommendations from QCC faculty members for outstanding, qualified students are enthusiastically encouraged and sought throughout the academic year. The application process is rolling, as tutoring positions may become available before, during, or after any semester. Please complete and follow the instructions on the GAA New Tutor Recommendation form to submit a recommendation.