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College Students with Disabilities

Accommodations & Services

Reasonable accommodations for students are determined on an individual basis. The following are some of the more frequently requested accommodations and services:


  • Assistive Technology
  • Extended Time on Tests
  • Interpreters of American Sign Language
  • Less Distracting Testing room
  • Note Takers / C-Print Captionist
  • Recorded Textbooks
  • Readers / Scribes


  • Assistance with Course Selection & Academic Planning
  • Transition Center for First Year Students
  • Information & Referral
  • Learning Strategies & Study Skill Development
  • Medical Parking
  • Support Groups

Placement Testing

To receive accommodations for the placement test, students must provide appropriate documentation and complete the intake process with Student Accessibility Services before registering for the placement test.

Student Responsibilities

If you are a student with a disability who would like assistance you must:

  • Schedule an intake/planning appointment with Student Accessibility Services
  • Provide appropriate documentation of your disability to Student Accessibility Services


No information is released without the students consent. Accommodations are provided in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Contact Us If:

  • You are uncertain whether you have a disability.
  • You have questions about your documentation.
  • You would like further information about disabilities, our office, or services.

Faculty's Responsibility

  • To cooperate with Student Accessibility Services in providing authorized accommodations and supports to students.
  • To refer the student to Student Accessibility Services if the student claims a disability and/or requests accommodations but provides no QCC official notification (Student Accessibility Services Accommodation Form).
  • To consult with Student Accessibility Services if there are questions about the appropriateness of a required accommodation and to discuss means and/or alternative ways for providing an accommodation in a particular class.
  • The goal of accommodations is to allow the student to be able to comprehend course material and communicate that comprehension to the instructor as the accommodation does not alter the essential nature of the course or program.

Limits to Faculty Responsibilities

  • Faculty has no obligation to provide accommodations when the student does not provide the Student Accessibility Services Accommodation Form.
  • If a student does not identify until late in the semester, the instructor is under no obligation to offer make-up exams or assignments; accommodations need to be provided only from the point of official notification.

Faculty is not responsible for requesting documentation. In fact, faculty generally does not have access to such records unless special circumstances exist and the student gives permission.