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Tuition Waivers

  • Categorical Tuition Waivers: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides tuition waivers to (1) Veterans (2) Native Americans (3) Senior Citizens (4) members of the Armed Forces (5) Clients of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission or Commission for the Blind. 
  • City of Worcester Tuition Waiver: The city of Worcester issues up to five 100% tuition waivers per semester, for the fall and spring semesters, to employees of the city of Worcester. 
  • DSS Adopted Children Tuition Waiver is designed to lessen the financial burden on adopting parents in the Commonwealth. This Waiver extends eligibility to all children and young adults, age twenty-four or under, adopted through the Department of Social Services by state employees or eligible Massachusetts residents, regardless of the date of adoption.
  • DSS Tuition Waiver for Foster Care Children is designed to provide financial support for higher education to foster children in state custody who were neither adopted nor returned home. Students must maintain full-time enrollment.
  • Higher Education Employee Tuition Waiver: Employees of institutions of higher education in the state of Massachusetts are eligible for a tuition waiver for themselves, their spouses and their dependent children. Full time employees may receive a 100% waiver, part time employees receive 50%.
  • Human Service Provider Tuition Waiver is a program of the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers Inc., eligible employees of certain Human Service Providers may receive a 100% tuition waiver by submitting a Certificate of Employee Eligibility for Tuition Remission approved by their Human Resources representative. Qualification of an organization as an Eligible Human Services Provider will be determined on the basis of lists of providers under contract with the Commonwealth that are maintained by the Comptroller of the Commonwealth.
  • Massachusetts National Guard Tuition Waiver: Certain eligible members of the Massachusetts National Guard may receive a 100% tuition waiver for up to 30 credit hours per school year. A certificate for this waiver must be issued by the member's unit Administration or Education office.
  • Need Based Tuition Waiver is a state-funded program available to needy Massachusetts residents attending public colleges and registered for at least three credits. Eligibility is determined by the college according to state regulations. If you receive any other type of tuition waiver you may not receive this need-based tuition waiver as well. The amount of the waiver cannot exceed the cost of tuition. 
  • Quinsigamond Community College Full-Time Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver: QCC employees, their spouses and their dependents are eligible for a 100% waiver of tuition charges. In addition, employees may receive a 100% waiver of educational fee charges. Spouses and dependents of employees may receive a 50% waiver of educational fee charges.
  • Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery Tuition Waiver: Honors students who are awarded Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery Awards by the Department of Education.
  • September 11, 2001 Tragedy Tuition Waiver provides a 100 percent tuition waiver to children and widowed spouses of Massachusetts residents for any state supported course or program offered by a Massachusetts public college or university.
  • State Employee Tuition Waiver: Employees of Massachusetts state agencies are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver for themselves and their spouses. 
  • Valedictorian Program Tuition Waiver: Honors students who were designated as valedictorians by a Massachusetts High School.