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QCC Emergency Assistance Grants

QCC recognizes the financial stresses our students face while pursuing their education. Limited Emergency Grant funds are available to assist students when these needs arise.

  • Course Expenses:  Apply for Financial Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
    • If you intend to enroll in the Fall 2023 and/or Spring 2024 semester(s), you should submit the 2023-2024 FAFSA as soon as possible.  
      • If your income has changed from 2021 (the income year reported on the 2023-2024 FAFSA), you may request a reevaluation of your financial aid eligibility. 
    • Contact the Financial Aid Office if you need assistance with applying for financial aid or requesting a reevaluation of your eligibility.
    • If you are not able to apply for or qualify for financial aid (including student loans), please email emergencygrant [at] so we can determine if we can help.  Be sure to include your QCC ID Number and email from your student email address, if you have one. 
  • Laptop/Computer or Educational Technology:  If you are unable to purchase a laptop for your course(s), you have a few options - 
    • If you qualify for financial aid, you may use funds that exceed the charges on your student account to purchase educational technology.  Your financial aid award may include a federal student loan.  Discretionary grants are not typically awarded to assist with this cost due to limited funding.  If you are unable to pay out of pocket up front, you may request a Bookstore Allowance to be used at the QCC Follett Bookstore to complete your purchase.  Otherwise, you will receive any refund due to you via a check mailed starting mid-semester.
    • If you do not qualify for financial aid or are not eligible for funding that exceeds your charges, the College has a very limited number of laptops available to be loaned. Visit the Welcome Center and meet with one of the representatives to determine if you qualify, while laptops are available.
    • Students in the higher tech programs below can check with their program coordinators to ask if there are any laptops available to be loaned. 
      • Computer Information Systems
      • Computer Science
      • Computer Science Engineering Technology
      • Electronics Technology
      • Electronics Engineering
      • Engineering
      • Interactive Media
      • Manufacturing
  • QCC Emergency Assistance Grant: Email emergencygrant [at] from your student email account to inquire about funding availability. Be sure to include your QCC ID Number, a brief description of what you need funds for, and the amount you are requesting. The application has been taken off the website due to extremely limited funding remaining.  We will notify you of next steps if it appears we have funding available that we can use to assist you. Please note that completing an application does not guaranty funding. 

Eligibility Criteria

You must:

  • have financial need, AND
  • be enrolled in and attending the current semester.


  • have financial need, AND
  • be seeking assistance with a prior term balance that occurred within the past three years, if that balance interferes with your ability to continue your studies or to access institutional records needed to facilitate transfer or employment verification.

To maximize your eligibility, please submit a  2023-2024 FAFSA. The majority of the current funding available requires students to complete the FAFSA and meet all federal and state financial aid eligibility requirements for the semester in which they are receiving funding.

Funding is limited. Applying allows you to be considered, but does not guaranty funding. Eligible students will generally be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If awarded, we may not be able to meet your full financial need. The application may be closed or your request may be delayed or denied if funding is exhausted. 

Funding Sources

Students will be considered for assistance through the following emergency grant programs:

  1. QCC Foundation Grants - Limited funding is available through generous donations by and to the QCC Foundation.  The QCC Foundation Emergency Grant maximum is $250. ***This source is exhausted as of 11/1/23. We are actively applying for grants and will update when we have additional resources.***
  2. MA Public College Emergency Grant - These funds are limited and require a completed FAFSA.  Students must be eligible for federal and MA state financial aid funding to qualify for this grant.  We do not yet have approval for or access to this funding for Fall 2023.  We are waiting on the state to notify us.
  3. Other State or Institutional Grants - As available.

How to apply for Emergency Grant Assistance

Students must complete the QCC Application for Emergency Assistance Grants to request funding. The College will use the information provided to determine emergency grant eligibility and the amount of a grant. Please note that not all students will qualify and QCC may not be able to meet the full financial needs of all that do qualify. 

Requests will generally be reviewed within two weeks of their completed submission. Awarding of funds will be made on a case-by-case, “first-come, first served” basis. 

All information regarding your eligibility for emergency grant funding will be sent to your student email account, if you have one. Students who are not assigned a student email account will receive communication via the email account we have on record. Funds will be disbursed through your student account.  In most cases, emergency grants awarded will be refunded directly to you. Institutional funds, state funds, and some Foundation funds may be applied to balances owed to the College by the student first at the College’s discretion. 

Emergency Assistance Grant – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have “exceptional financial need” if you any of the following are true:

  • You qualify for the Pell Grant when applying for federal financial aid
  • You have low income
  • You receive federal income-based benefits, such as Transitional Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Nutritional Assistance (SNAP)
  • You have lost your job or had a reduction to your work hours
  • You are at risk of eviction from housing
  • You are unable to meet payment obligations for basic living expenses each month
  • You do not qualify for low income federal assistance programs (for reasons other than income)

This list is not exclusive. It is possible to have some of these circumstances and not feel you have an exceptional financial need, and similarly you may have circumstances not listed above that cause you to have exceptional financial need. If you are unsure, please email emergencygrant [at] for assistance.

Federal, state and institutional emergency grant funds are able to be used by students with exceptional financial need for any component of a student's Cost of Attendance (tuition and fees, books and supplies, food, housing, utilities, health care, child care, and other related costs) or emergency expenses. 

Emergency Grants for Tuition and Fee expenses will generally be considered for students with exceptional financial need who have exhausted all other avenues of funding.  The majority of the funds currently available do require that the student meet federal and/or state financial aid requirements.  If you are looking for assistance with your course costs, please email emergencygrant [at] for assistance.

A FAFSA is not required to be considered for Foundation Emergency Grant funds, but we encourage you to apply to be considered for other financial assistance through federal and state programs.  This is also the primary source of assistance for course-related costs for students who meet the eligibility criteria.

We strongly recommend that you use the FSA ID process to sign.  If you are able, using the IRS Data Retrieval tool is the most accurate and efficient way to complete your FAFSA.  The College will receive your FAFSA in 5-7 business days if you sign electronically.

If your income has changed since the year reported on each FAFSA, due to the pandemic or other extenuating circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss a reevaluation of your eligibility based on your 2023 or current income.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid [at] or call 508.854.4261 for questions regarding how to submit the FAFSA.

To qualify, you must:

  • be currently enrolled in classes (6+ credits)
  • be accepted to a Title IV eligible degree or certificate program at QCC
  • submit the 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen under Title IV regulations.  Verification may be required.
  • be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the start of the academic year (prior to 9/1/2022 for the 2023-2024 academic year).
  • not be in default on any educational loan or in repayment of any educational grant.
  • be making progress toward a degree or certificate program according to the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • have not earned a Bachelor's Degree

The College will use the information you provide on the QCC Application for Emergency Assistance Grants to determine your eligibility for and the amount of a grant.  We will be limiting the maximum dollar amount awarded to each applicant based on the rules of the funds available and to try to assist as many students as possible.  Please note that not all students will qualify and the College may not be able to meet the full financial needs of all that do qualify. 

Generally, the funds received through this program do not need to be repaid.  However, you may owe a balance if you withdraw from the semester if the funds you were awarded (either through traditional financial aid or the emergency grant process) are subject to the federal Return of Title IV Funds or State Refund calculations.

Emergency funds received from the QCC Foundation, MA Public College Emergency Grants, or the Institution are considered a resource for the student and must fit into a student’s financial aid award, if they have one. If you have already received a financial aid award that meets your financial aid need and/or your Cost of Attendance, we may be required to reduce other funds. QCC will reduce student loan funds before other grants when required.  Because most emergency funds are refunded to the student regardless of any balance due, in rare cases, required adjustments can create a balance due to the College. You will receive a revised award letter any time a change is made to your Financial Aid Award. 

Yes, students can apply if they continue to experience financial hardships while QCC has available funding.  Priority may be given to students asking for funding for the first time when funds begin to run low. 

The application will remain open while funds are available.  Applying allows you to be considered, but does not guaranty funding.  Eligible students will generally be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  If awarded, we may not be able to meet your full financial need.  The application may be closed or your request may be denied if funding is exhausted.

Visit the HomePlate Food Pantry and Resource Center. We encourage all students to review the resources available to support their enrollment.

Please contact us at emergencygrant [at] for questions regarding how to submit the application.

If you have not already done so, you may still submit a 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for financial aid for the Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and/or Summer 2024 semesters.

Be sure to select QCC to receive your application electronically.  Eligibility criteria do apply, and additional information may be needed to determine your eligibility. Please reply to all requests for additional information by QCC promptly.  If your income has changed due to the pandemic or other extenuating circumstances, please contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss a reevaluation of your eligibility based on your 2023 or current income.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid [at] or call 508.854.4261 for questions regarding how to submit the FAFSA and financial aid eligibility.

QCC will prioritize QCC Foundation Emergency Grant assistance to students who:

  • are actively enrolled in a degree or certificate program for the Fall 2023 semester, OR
  • actively participating in programming through the QCC Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education or the QCC Adult Community Learning Center

Institutional grant resources will be considered, when available, in the same manner.  Limited institutional grant resources are mainly available as part of the financial aid process.