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Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship agencies contact us with opportunities for students to apply for outside scholarships. They are listed below. Please note that QCC is not affiliated with these scholarships and interested students must apply on their own and ask any questions to the scholarship agency directly.  

For more scholarships, visit QCC's Scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunity



Scholarship Guidance Scholarship ListFall 2023varies depending on scholarship
Annual Scholarship by FV Advantage  
Top of the Mountain Memorial Scholarship October 22, 2023
Cybersecurity & Latinx Community ScholarshipSpring 2024November 15, 2023
Scholarship Provided by the Law Offices of Kerry Armstrong 2023-2024 Academic YearDecember 31, 2023
The New York Pass Education Scholarship2023-2024 Academic YearSeptember 29, 2023 Student Scholarship Awards2023-2024 Academic YearNovember 1, 2023 Biology Scholarship2023-2024 Academic YearNovember 1, 2023
Driver Education Initiative Annual ScholarshipSpring 2024November 30, 2023
HeySunday Annual Eco-Warrior ScholarshipSpring 2024December 1, 2023
Top Nutrition Coaching First-Gen Futures Quarterly ScholarshipSpring 2024December 1, 2023 Quarterly Mental Health Scholarship for WomenSpring 2024February 1, 2024
Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship February 10, 2024
Drunk Driving Prevention Essay Scholarship February 10, 2024
The Law Offices of Kerry Armstrong ScholarshipSpring 2024December 31, 2023
Scholarship and Career Resources for STEM Students  
Blankstyle ScholarshipSpring 2024December 31, 2023
Coupontoaster Scholarship Programongoing 
John Renner Annual ScholarshipSpring 2024December 2, 2023
School House Connection Scholarship2024-2025 Academic YearNovember 24, 2023
Completing the Dream Scholarship Program2023-2024 Academic YearJune 28, 2024
History By Mail's Scholarship Program Spring 2024December 31, 2023
The Dominguez Firm Collegiate ScholarshipSpring 2024December 31, 2023
Gabe Jenks Memorial ScholarshipFall 2024July 1, 2024
Women's Leadership ScholarshipFall 2024July 1, 2024

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