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Grant Programs

  • Federal Pell Grant This is gift aid awarded by the federal government to students demonstrating substantial financial need. Changes in enrollment status through the add/drop period will result in an adjustment to this award.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant This is a federally funded grant program. Recipients are selected by Quinsigamond Community College according to federal regulations that require SEOG be awarded to students with the lowest family contributions and greatest financial need, usually Federal Pell Grant recipients. Priority is also given to students enrolled in at least six credits.
  • MA Cash Grant This is a state-funded grant program designed to assist needy Massachusetts residents attending public colleges and registered for at least three credits. Eligibility is determined by the college according to state regulations. The Cash Grant cannot exceed the cost of tuition and fees.
  • MASSGrant This is a state grant awarded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to its residents with exceptionally high financial need. The state Office of Student Financial Assistance notifies residents of their eligibility and the college certifies this eligibility. Funds are not available until this certification is completed. You must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits to receive this grant.
  • Massachusetts Part-time Grant This is a state-funded grant available to residents of Massachusetts who attend college on a part time basis. Quinsigamond Community College, in accordance with state regulations, selects recipients. You must be enrolled for at least six and not more than eleven credits each semester.
  • Performance Bonus Grant This grant was created to reward the success of the Commonwealth's neediest students. The grant provides a financial incentive for students to perform well in college and persist toward the achievement of a postsecondary education degree. Students must be full time, have earned 24 credits with a 3.0 GPA, have a 0 EFC, and are eligible for the MASSGrant. Recipients are selected by the state and eligibility is certified by the college.
  • MA Public Service Grant Established to provide educational opportunity to family members in recognition of the hardship that a family experiences upon the loss of a parent and or spouse who is killed or missing in the line of public service duty in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The award value is equal to the college's full time tuition charge.
  • Paraprofessional Teacher Preparation Grant Provides financial assistance to paraprofessionals in a Massachusetts public school who wish to pursue teacher education and become certified to teach full-time in Massachusetts' public schools.
  • Completion Incentive Grant State funded program providing incentive grants to students who demonstrate substantial need for persisting and completing their degree or certificate program of study.