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Articulation Agreements

What are articulation agreements?

Articulation agreements are formal contracts between QCC and four-year colleges and universities. Generally, these agreements specify requirements leading to admission and transferability of QCC coursework.

See Transfer Agreements for a full list of agreements.

Agreements come in two basic forms:

  1. Agreements that identify and match equivalent courses at QCC and the other institution

  2. Agreements that fully match QCC academic programs to one or more specific bachelor’s degree program (as determined in the agreement).

What are the benefits of articulation agreements?

  • Guaranteed acceptance from a QCC academic program to a specific major or program at a baccalaureate institution
  • Guaranteed transfer of QCC (college-level) courses
  • Assurance of Junior/Upper-division student standing in certain majors
  • Access to dedicated transfer scholarships for students following the articulation agreement
  • Assurance of full transferability of coursework within the guidelines of the agreement

What's required in articulation agreements?

Requirements may vary but the following rules typically apply:

  1. Enroll in and graduate from the specific QCC program identified in the agreement.
  2. Meet GPA requirements specified in the agreement.
  3. Follow the transfer admissions process for that school.

Are articulation agreements absolutely necessary in order to transfer?

No. Articulation agreements are most valuable in disciplines where disagreements can arise over the sequencing or prerequisites for specific courses. For programs like Liberal Arts, which lead to many different academic disciplines, formal agreements are less important.

Transferring without an articulation agreement can be the preferred route for some majors (studio art, BSN/health professions, technical or science-based programs requiring sequencing of courses). It's important to confirm transfer options with transfer admissions representatives at schools of interest.