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Math Placement Testing

Welcome to the QCC Math Skill Check Website 

During this time of social and physical distancing, we are unable to provide you with the typical on-site placement test needed to determine your current math skills. However, the QCC Math Department cares about your success and wants to provide you with an opportunity to review your current math skills to help us properly place you into the correct course. Your skills may vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • the last time you took a math course.
  • the math courses you took in high school or at your previous college.
  • the frequency that you use math in your current job or your day-to-day activities.

Keep these things in mind as you work through this website to check your current math skills. An honest review of your skills will better ensure that you succeed in your QCC math course.

Note: If you have already taken the QMAT or a math course at QCC, you are not eligible for self-placement.

Next steps:

  1. Each skill check contains a course description, sample problems, and directions for math level placement.
  2. Review each of the skill checks carefully in sequence (starting with Level 1) and take your time:
    1. Read each course description and decide if you are completely comfortable with the content of that math course and that it completely matches your current math skills.
    2. Work on the sample problems for each level. Did you answer all of the questions correctly? If so, you can continue to the next math skill check.
    3. If at any time you feel that the material is beyond your current math skills, then you want to stop and place yourself into that math level/course.
      1. Level 1
      2. Level 2
      3. Level 3 
      4. Level 4 
      5. Level 5
  3. Make a note of the math level where you stopped. This is the QCC math level that you will include on your registration request form in you’re a new student, or provide to Advising if you’re a current or returning student. This information, along with any math history on file, goals, and program of study requirements will be used by an Advisor to place you into the appropriate level math class.
  4. Contact QCC Advising at advising [at] or 508.854.4308 for further review and course registration assistance.

Good luck and the QCC Math Department looks forward to working with you as you progress through your math courses.

Download the Math Skills Check Book