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Assessment for Course Placement

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1. After applying to QCC, all new students are assessed by the Advising Center to determine if they need to take the QCC math placement test, QMAT. Students will receive an email from the Advising Center with their next steps.

Students may receive one of three placement options:

  1. Student must take the QMAT; email will contain instructions for scheduling the exam.
  2. Students are recommended to take the QMAT; email will contain instructions for scheduling the exam, if electing to take exam.
  3. Students are not required to take the QMAT; email will direct students to the next step for registration.

The email from Advising, with placement information, will also include the link for the English self-assessment, which we encourage all students to complete.

2. The English self-assessment can be done at home. It is not a test. We encourage all students to take this self-assessment before meeting with an Advisor so that the Advisor has all the information needed to help you register for courses.

3. Have high school transcripts, HiSET/GED test scores, and/or SAT/ACT test scores sent to admissions [at] Have college transcripts sent to qccreg [at]

More Information

We are currently using multiple measures to help place you into appropriate courses in math and English. These measures might include:

  • High school transcript or most recent report card, showing overall GPA
  • College transcripts or previous QCC courses and grades
  • AP test scores, SAT or ACT test scores
  • HiSET or GED test scores
  • Math Assessment
  • English Self-Assessment (This assessment may be done online)

Test Score Request Form

If you need your test scores sent to another school, download the Request Form.  Be sure to print it, fill it out, sign it, and then return to testing [at] Please note: Math (QMAT) test scores from tests taken on or after Sept. 13, 2018 will not be sent.

Scores from Another Institution

If you have English Accuplacer Scores from another institution, we might be able to accept them. Please have scores sent to testing [at] Please note that we do not accept math scores from any other institution.