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Current Meeting Agenda

Board of Trustees Meeting Notice

The next Regular meeting of the Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 5:00 pm, at QCC in the Board of Trustees Conference Room - 107A in the Administration Building - 670 West Boylston Street, Worcester, MA. For virtual meeting access, please contact Lucinda Costa at: lcosta [at]

Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda


1.   Call to Order and Roll Call

2.   Consent Agenda:  The purpose of the Consent Agenda is to expedite business by grouping routine agenda items together to be dealt with by one Board motion without discussion.  Any member of the Board or staff may ask that any item on the Consent Agenda be removed and placed later on the agenda for full discussion. Such requests will be automatically respected.

If any item is not removed from the Consent Agenda, the action on the agenda is approved/accepted by single Board action adopting the Consent Agenda.

  • Summary from the February 13, 2024 Regular Board Meeting (approve)
  • Trust Fund Reports – FY24 through Current Period (accept)
  • Informational Personnel Items (accept)
  • President’s Out-of-State Travel (accept)
  • President’s Leave Time (accept)

 Suggested Motion: That the Board of Trustees of Quinsigamond Community College approves the consent agenda (A-E) as presented. 

3.   Standing Committee Reports:

           A. Strategic Planning, Education, and Student Success (3/26/24) - Trustees Bhatti, Keeley, Maykel, Mikhaeil, Rajeshkumar, Zequeira     

           B. Audit & Oversight (3/26/24) - Trustees Gomez, Goodwine, Herlihy, Jones, Mitra.

           C. Executive (3/13/24) - Trustees Herlihy, Goodwine, Maykel, and Zequeira

4.   Student Trustee Report 

5.   President’s Report

  • Ongoing Initiatives/Campus Updates

6.   Public Participation:  The Board may reserve one-half hour at the end of the agenda of its regular meetings for public participation. Individuals seeking to speak to the Board should so inform the President’s Office in writing, setting forth the purpose for which they seek to speak, at least 24 hours before the relevant meeting. The Chairperson shall determine whether said individuals shall be permitted to speak and, if so, for how long they may speak on the designated topic. The Chairperson may exercise discretion to waive the notice requirement set forth above and invite an individual(s) present at the meeting to address the Board.

7.   Adjournment

The listings of matters before the Board of Trustees are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair of the Board to be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items, not listed, may also be brought up for discussion, to the extent such is permitted by law.