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Student Affairs

The mission of Student Affairs services at Quinsigamond Community College is to foster an open, inclusive and diverse environment where students grow as learners inside and outside the classroom while exploring their interests and their career paths. Please contact us if you need support.


Terry Vecchio, Ed.D.
Dean of Students
tvecchio [at] | 508.854.4294

The Dean of Students role is to provide advocacy for all students, as well as support student learning inside and outside the classroom environments. The Dean of Student oversees all Student Affairs departments listed below.


Jason Kurland, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean of Students
jkurland [at] | 508.854 4526

Oversees student conduct process while providing support for the student learning process. The Assistant Dean is able to support students through their challenges and will assist students in navigating the campus community.

Ashlee Givins

Ashlee Givins
Director of Student Life and Leadership
agivins [at] | 508.854.4334

Student Life and Leadership oversees New Student Orientation (NSO), the Open Door, Student Government Association, and the Leadership Academy. Student Life is committed to leadership development for all students.

Ashlee Givins

Katelyn Hurley
Assistant Director of Student Life & Programming
khurley [at] | 508.854.4225

Student Life and Programming oversees student clubs and organizations, social programming for the student body, and the Student ID program. Student Life is committed to creating a sense of belonging for all students.


Paula Ogden, M.Ed.
Director of Veteran Affairs
pogden [at] | 508.854.4290

Veteran Affairs provide support to assist student Veterans and members of the Armed Forces in the adjustment to becoming successful in civilian and college life. We are committed to promoting college spirit as well as establishing and maintaining fellowship amongst veterans and students on campus.


Lisa Gurnick, MPH
Director of Athletics and Athletic Center
lgurnick [at] | 508.854.4582

The Athletics Center staff provides the best place on campus for wellness and recreation through the Fitness Center, gym and intramural and intercollegiate sports. The six intercollegiate sports include, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, baseball and women’s volleyball.

pogden.jpgCaryn Zelazo
Assistant Director of FYE Programming

czelazo [at]  | 508. 854.2725

First-Year Programming oversees the Student Support and Mentoring Center, supervises the Peer Mentor student leadership position, provides educational workshops for new students, and connects students with on and off campus resources. First-Year Programming is committed to assisting and supporting all new students through their transition to QCC.  


Tina Wells, LICSW 
Counseling and Wellness Services
twells [at] | 508.854.4479

The Office of Counseling and Wellness  Services helps students to achieve their personal and academic goals by providing assessment of current concerns, appropriate advocacy/support, information about resources or coping skills/tools and transition to local or college based resources when needed. Counseling and Wellness Services will provide short term, solution focused therapy, crisis intervention and stress management training. The services are provided to students at no cost and are confidential.


Bonnie Coleman, Advisor 
Advisor to Phi Theta Kappa
BColeman [at] | 508.854.7412

QCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter’s goal is to fulfill the commitment to scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship. We aim to become influential leaders while serving our college community and beyond.

Food Pantry and Resource Center
foodpantry [at] | 508.854.7403

The Food Pantry and Resource Center provides food for students in need as well as resources to help with other challenges. We are run by knowledgeable, compassionate student volunteers. During COVID-19 the Food Pantry is open and providing food once a week at the West Boylston Street Campus.  If you are in need, please fill out the Food Pantry/Resource Center Intake request. Once you’ve completed the intake you will received instructions on when and how to pick up your food.