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Gateway to College


Do you want to go to college, but aren’t sure how to get there? The Gateway to College program helps students who are behind in credits or disengaged from their high school education. Through our program, you can obtain a high school diploma and earn college credits at the same time. Many of our graduates go on to finish Associate's degrees and transfer to four-year colleges. QCC's Gateway to College is part of a national network that includes 35 programs across 20 states.

What is a Gateway Student? The students in this program will range from ages 16-20. Most had a high school GPA below 2.0. The three most critical pieces of the application process are the ability to read at the appropriate grade level, the genuine desire to finish high school, and a commitment to the change necessary to be successful college students. Students complete an in-depth application process with Gateway to College, including essays, testing, and a personal interview.

What are our expectations? Gateway is rigorous. Students take a full-time college course load, with classes that match their high school requirements, MCAS needs, and career interests. They attend classes in the fall and spring. Gateway students are college students, with a set college schedule. Gateway applicants need to have the maturity to handle this rigorous coursework, as well as the rights and responsibilities of college life. Attendance is a key component of college success, and students may be withdrawn from the program if they are not attending regularly.

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be held both in-person and remotely through Zoom and all who register by filling out the information session registration form will receive an email with session information. Attendance at an information session is required in order to apply for admission to Gateway to College. Applicants are encouraged to bring a support person, such as a family member or friend. 

The Support is Here

Students will have a Resource Specialist dedicated to your success. Your Resource Specialist will guide you through the college experience as an academic advisor; teach you about careers, organization and time management; and provide you with referrals to community resources.

Ready for the Challenge?

Gateway is an amazing opportunity, but it requires tremendous effort and commitment. Gateway asks students to move beyond their high school identities and begin a new chapter in their lives. Gateway students are college students who transform into scholars and leaders who fully expect to make a difference in their communities.

If you have any further questions, please email GTC [at] We look forward to seeing you at Gateway!

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