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New Student Orientation

students at orientation

As a new student, you will receive your own personalized link to our new Online Orientation Program. This program is a great way to introduce you to the QCC campus and our awesome programs and resources. Once you’ve completed this program you’ll be placed in an Orientation Group where an Orientation Leader/Mentor will reach out to you and the other members of your group to organize orientation meet ups. These meetings will occur in late August, prior to your start of classes.These leaders/mentors will assist you in navigating QCC social, academic and service aspects of the College. They will also make sure you understand your class schedule, get your student ID and some QCC swag!

We are so glad you’ve chosen to attend QCC. We think you made a great decision.

Orientation Process

There are two pieces to your QCC Orientation program: 

  1. On-line program: In your welcome letter you should have received a link to the Online Orientation program for QCC. You need to sign in and watch that program to begin to acclimate yourself to QCC and what's ahead.  
  2. You will be assigned to an Orientation group: You will be contacted by your Orientation Mentor to let you know when your remote group meeting will be during the week of Monday, August 31, 2020 thru Friday, September 4, 2020.  

If you don't hear from your Orientation Mentor by Friday, August 28, 2020, please contact Josh Cole, Interim Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership at or Cheryl Pike, Administrative Assistant at They will help you find your group and your Orientation Mentor.