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We hope your experience at QCC is rewarding. However, if a situation develops that you feel a need or desire to report, please reach out to the appropriate contact person below.

Safety Issues

For violations of the law including assault, vandalism, alcohol/drug use, stalking, or if you just don’t feel safe, contact the Campus Police at 508.854.4444.

Accessibility Issues

For accessibility concerns, contact the ADA Compliance Officer at 508.854.2791. To request accommodations to access programming, or within your class contact Student Accessibility Services at 508.854.4471. Learn more about Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity.

Discrimination Issues

If you feel discriminated against because of race, creed, color, religion, natural origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or veteran status, contact the Assistant Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer at 508.854.2757. Learn more about Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity.

Academic Issues

For academic Issues, start with your professor. If the issue isn’t resolved or you can’t reach your professor, make an appointment to see the Dean of the School in which the course is taught. If you are unsure of whom the Dean is, contact the Academic Affairs office at 508.854.4384.  See the Student Grievance Police/grades. College Policies.

Student and Staff Issues

For concerns involving other students’ conduct including violations of the campus conduct code or to complain about a staff member or another student, contact the Dean of Students at 508.854.4294.

Formal Process

Most problems can be solved informally, but there is a formal Student Grievance Procedure which is outlined  in the Student Handbook. Contact the Dean for Compliance and Education at 508.854.2791 for more information.

State Process

For Massachusetts residents the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education attempts to provide an avenue for informal resolution of matters concerning institutions. The Department cannot require an institution to take any specific action in a mater and cannot provide legal advice. You can contact the Massachusetts Department of Education. You may also contact the Massachusetts Attorney General.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Complaint Procedures

Massachusetts recently passed legislation to join the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA).

Students enrolled in online courses who are residents of states other than Massachusetts, and when such state is a SARA participating state, may submit complaints to the attention of Dean Kenneth Dwyer by email at DistanceEd [at] Efforts will be made to determine the appropriate course of action, and the student will be notified within 10 days following the receipt of a complaint.

If the attempt to resolve the complaint via internal institutional processes fails, students enrolled in online courses who are residents of states other than Massachusetts, and when such state is a SARA participating state, may appeal the College's decision to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education which makes complaint forms available on its website.

The contact information for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education is:

One Ashburton Place Room 1401 Boston, MA 02108 617.994.6950

Quinsigamond Community College will not in any way retaliate against an individual who reports a perceived violation of QCC policy, state, federal, or local law. Further, QCC will not tolerate retaliation by any employee or student.

670 West Boylston Street, Worcester, MA 01606. 508.853.2300, 508.852.6943