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High School Equivalency Testing (HiSET and GED)

You have two choices for testing to earn your high school credential: the GED and the HiSET. You need to take ONLY ONE of them. The tests are similar, but they do have some differences, so you are encouraged to visit the websites to see which test you are more comfortable with. 

Please visit HiSET and GED for scheduling and for more information about the tests.

Classes will prepare you for either test.

To learn more about our free High School Equivalency Test Preparation classes, call 508.751.7926, email ACLC [at], or visit the ACLC website.

To learn more about our free Distance Learning (online) program, email qccgedonline [at]

Free GED® Testing for MA Residents Starting September 12, 2022

Effective September 12, 2022, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will pay for a candidate's first GED® test in each subject plus limited retakes (two retests per subject).

First Time Testers

If you are scheduling your GED® test at an Official GED® test center, enter promo code MAFREEGED during checkout.

If scheduling the GED® Online Proctored test (GED OP®), enter MAFREEGED first, then enter promo code OPMAFREEGED during checkout. Please note that the Official GED® Practice test is still required for GED OP® and the cost for these tests is paid by the test taker.


If you are taking the retest at an Official GED® test center, enter promo code MARETAKE during checkout.

For GED® Online Proctored test (GED OP®) retakes, enter promo code OPMARETAKE during checkout.


The HiSET® exam will also be paid for by the Commonwealth at a later date (estimated time for HiSET® free testing is October).

Any payment of HSE exams by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is contingent on available funding.