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Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

To become a QCC Mentor, you will need to fill out an application using the link above.  After you complete the application, you will schedule a virtual interview and orientation.  We welcome anyone who is interested in supporting a QCC Student apply! 

If you sign up to become a mentor, you will be expected:

  • Schedule and attend at least one, thirty minute to one hour, face-to-face session per month with the mentee throughout the academic year.
  • Maintain contact with the mentee(s) via electronic means throughout the semester(s).
  • Celebrate mentee success.
  • Maintain contact with QCC Mentoring staff via email.
  • Encourage mentees to take advantage of campus services.
  • Attend additional QCC Mentoring events throughout the year, according to interest.

Mentors cannot be current QCC Students. Mentors will receive training, guidance, resources and support to aid them in helping their mentees succeed. To learn more about QCC Mentoring or to refer anyone who you believe would be a great mentor, please call 508.854.4372 or email mentoring [at]

QCC Mentoring is using an online mentoring platform called Xinspire to support our matches. This platform will allow students to select a mentor, keep in touch with your match, and access great mentoring resources. Once you click the link below, please create a mentoring account to apply.