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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) allows students to use skills they already have towards a college degree or certificate. Work, life, volunteer and military experience may be translated into credit, allowing you to take fewer classes and earn your degree faster. CPL eliminates redundancies for students who have already earned credentials or mastered skills required for their program of study. 

To be eligible for Credit for Prior Learning you must be a QCC student enrolled in an academic program.Save time and money and complete your degree faster by demonstrating what you already know. Let's get started! Fill out the application below or email experience [at] for more information.

Benefits of Credit for Prior Learning:

  • Use industry credentials to help complete your degree faster
  • Receive college credit for military, work, volunteer and life experience
  • Earn your degree faster

Credit for Prior Learning helps:

  • Working Professionals
  • Military Service Members
  • Career Changers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Public Safety & First Responders

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Types of CPL

Competency Exams

Competency exams are standardized tests offered at testing centers. The College recognizes the following competency exams.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Students may earn college credit for high school AP courses if they take and pass the exam by scoring three or higher on the AP exam, which is administered by the College Board Download the AP information sheet.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credit is awarded to students who achieve acceptable scores on the CLEP college board examinations. You are a good candidate for CLEP if you have acquired substantial knowledge in general education subjects, such as English, Math, History, or Psychology. Download the CLEP information sheet.

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

A nationally recognized exam, the DSST subject test is administered through Prometric and covers a wide range of technical business and academic subjects. DSST information sheet.

Challenge Examination

Challenge exams are developed and administered by QCC faculty. If you feel confident that you have mastery over the material, you may be able to challenge a course. Speak to a CPL Specialist to find out if this is an option for you.


Credentialing is the process of awarding academic credit for courses, trainings, workshops, and/or examinations taken outside accredited college programs. QCC students have earned college credit in academic areas including but not limited to; healthcare, automotive, hospitality, computer science, fire science, manufacturing, business, and engineering.

For additional information about Credit for Prior Learning, experience [at]


A portfolio contains a collection of documents and reflective writing that showcases the competencies, formal training, and general knowledge attained through prior work or general life experience. The portfolio is reviewed and evaluated by faculty who verify that the documentation represents learning that is at the college level.

For additional information about Credit for Prior Learning, experience [at]

High School Articulation Agreements

Visit QCC's High School Articulation Agreements to learn more. 

Non-Credit to Credit Pathways

Receive credentialing credit towards a degree program by taking part in a credit for prior pathway.

EMT Paramedic License – MED 160, 170, 180, 190, 210 & 220Expires 6/30/2025
EMT Basic – EMT 101Expires 6/30/2025
Phlebotomy / EKG – ALH 125Expires 6/30/2025
Certified Nursing Assistant – ALH 131Expires 6/30/2025
Certified Medical Assistant / Registered Medical Assistant – MSS 111, MSS 112, MSS 121, MSS 122, MSS 199Expires 6/30/2026
Pharmacy Technician – ALH 137 & 138Expires 6/30/2025
Introduction to Medical Terminology [Center for Workforce Development Course] – ALH 102Expires 1/1/2025
Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN] – PNP 210, PNP 233 & PNP 235Expires 6/30/2026
Becker 2nd Semester Nursing Students – NUR 103 & NUR 104Expires 6/30/2024
Becker 3rd Semester Nursing Students – NUR 103, NUR 104 & NUR 105Expires 6/30/2024
Becker 4th Semester Nursing Students - NUR 103, NUR 104, NUR 105& NUR 201Expires 6/30/2024
Hotel & Hospitality
Certified Restaurant Professional Apprenticeship Program – HRM 110, 115 & 299Expires 6/30/2025
NCHS003 Nutrition [Center for Workforce Development Course] – HRM 216Expires 6/30/2025
NCHS002.3 Contract Foods [Center for Workforce Development Course] – HRM 215Expires 6/30/2025
NCHS001.3 Managing Food Service Personnel [Center for Workforce Development Course] – HRM 235Expires 6/30/2025
ServSafe Food safety – HRM 115 Sanitation CourseExpires 7/1/2024
Worcester House of Corrections’ Culinary Program Certificate – HRM 100 Today’s Culinary Professional, HRM 110 Basic Foods: Mise En Place, CUL298 Co-op, CUL 888 electiveExpires 6/30/2024
Work without Limits Culinary Career Academy – HRM 110 Basic Foods: Mise En Place, CUL 888 ElectiveExpires 6/30/2024
Fire Science
MASS FIRE ACADEMY FULL-TIME RECRUIT I/II - FSC 101 - Principles of Emergency Services, FSC 104 - Fire Behavior and Combustion & FSC 241 - Fire Hydraulics and Water SupplyExpires 12/31/2023
MASS FIRE ACADEMY [CALL/VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER I/II] - FSC 101 - Principles of Emergency Services & FSC 104 - Fire Behavior and CombustionExpires 12/31/2023
WORCESTER FIRE RECRUIT ACADEMY - FSC 101 - Principles of Emergency Services, FSC 104 - Fire Behavior and Combustion, FSC 241 - Fire Hydraulics and Water Supply & FSC 242 - Hazardous MaterialsExpires 12/31/2023
Fire Department Safety Officer [80 HRS]-FSC 151Occupational Safety & Health for Emergency ServicesExpires 12/31/2023
Commonwealth of Mass Licensed Building Contractor -FSC 121 Building Contractor for Fire ProtectionPending
Fire Prevention Officer I or II [80 HRS] -FSC 203 Fire PreventionExpires 12/31/2023
Fire Investigation Basic or Advanced [80 HRS] -FSC 230 Fire Investigation IExpires 12/31/2023
Fire Officer II, III or Chief Fire Officer IV -FSC 263 Intro to Fire & Emergency Service AdministrationExpires 12/31/2023
Motor Pump Operator - FSC 241 Fire Protection Hydraulics & Water SupplyExpires 12/31/2023
Massachusetts Hazardous Materials Technician - Operator & Awareness do not meet requirements -FSC 242 - Hazardous Materials ChemistryExpires 12/31/2023
Fire Instructor I, II or III - FSC 888 Fire Science ElectiveExpires 12/31/2023
Worcester House of Correction’s AC/DC Electrical Systems Certificate – EUT 110 Electrical Principles I & EUT 111 Electrical Principles IIExpires 6/30/2024
The Art of the New: Entrepreneurship Course – MGT 216 Entrepreneurship ad Small Business ManagementExpires 6/30/2024
Human Services
Adcare Educational Institute’s Addiction Counselor Education Program (ACE) – HUS 141 Community Service: - Delivering Human Services, HUS 243 Human Service Practicum I, HUS 244 Human Service Practicum IIExpires 12/31/2024
Computer Systems & Engineering Technology
CompTIA A+ - CSC 233 Computer Hardware & SupportExpires 6/30/2025
COMPTIA Network+ – CSC 234 Networking TechnologiesExpires 6/30/2025
CompTIA Security+ - CST 205 Security FoundationsExpires 6/30/2025
CompTIA Linux+ - CST 245 Unix OSExpires 6/30/2025
CCNA – CST 240 Routing TechnologiesExpires 6/30/2025
MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals – CSC 141 Windows Client OSPending
SNIA Certificate Storage Professional - CSC 210 Storage TechnologiesPending
MTA Microsoft Windows Server Fundamentals – CSC 241 Windows Server OSPending
CISSP – CST 208 Enterprise IT SYS SecurityPending
EC Council CEH – CST 209 Ethical HackingPending
AWS Certification Security Specialty – CST 211 Advanced Topics in SecurityPending
Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Associate Exams – CST 238 Enterprise Networking and App Infrastructure, CST 251 SQL Server Administration, CST 252 Exchange Server Administration, CST 253 Unified Communication (courses awarded depends on the certifications)Pending
Massachusetts Seal of Bi-Literacy - 6 credits of beginner language [188 course] and 3 credits in intermediate level 288)Expires 6/30/2024
Massachusetts Seal of Bi-Literacy w/ Distinction - 6 credits beginning level [188] and 6 credits intermediate level [288]Expires 6/30/2024
OSHA 30 General Industry – MNT 100 Manufacturing SafetyExpires 1/1/2025
NC3, Precision Measurement Instruments – MNT 106 QualityExpires 2/1/2025
SME Certified Manufacturing Technologist CMfgT – MNT 216 Manufacturing CapstonePending
SME Lean Bronze – MNT 218 Lean Manufacturing & Six SigmaExpires 6/30/2025
FANUC Robotics Certificate – ELM 260 Industrial RoboticsExpires 2/1/2025
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