From left: Kalan Lewis, Suzanne Graham Anderson, Paul Anderson and Sean Harris

Quinsigamond Community College celebrated Black history and culture in a remarkable fashion throughout February with a series of enlightening and engaging events for Black History Month. The Worcester Black History Photo Gallery immersed visitors in the rich legacy of Black Worcester residents through a captivating display of early 20th-century portraits, accompanied by a special presentation from historian Frank Morrill and Benetta Kufour, a descendant of Worcester resident Bethany Veney.

Attendees savored the flavors of the African American culinary tradition at the Alumni Soul Food Brunch, featuring esteemed guest speakers President Luis G. Pedraja, Ph.D., Alumni Association President Suzanne Graham Anderson, and Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Engagement Michelle Tufau

Celebrating Black entrepreneurship and culture, the Black-Owned Business Pop Up took over the first floor of the HLC, featuring local Black-owned businesses, free haircuts from a barber and the energizing beats of a live DJ.

The campus came alive with the electrifying rhythms of an Afrobeats dance class led by the talented Victoria Adinkra, allowing participants to experience the pulsating movements and cultural significance behind this dynamic style. For a truly immersive journey, QCC offered a groundbreaking virtual reality exhibit, "Now is the Time," which transported individuals into the pivotal era of the Civil Rights Movement. Through these profoundly educational and culturally-enriching programs, the college fostered an environment of inclusivity and appreciation for the invaluable contributions of the Black community.

"Rather than one big event, we wanted to provide the QCC community with a variety of events that showcased unique elements of the Black experience, to both educate and engage. We were thrilled to see people immersed in the events, which shows us that our community cares about these cultural experiences," said Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Kevin Lovaincy.

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