The 2023-2024 Interactive Media Advisory Committee

In a fitting celebration for the 30th anniversary of QCC's Applied Arts program, the Interactive Media 2023-2024 Advisory Committee recently met for its first in-person meeting to discuss current trends in the dynamic world of design. The committee is made up of 13 professionals who graduated from QCC with a degree in Interactive Media (or the former Applied Arts program) and went on to successful careers in a variety of industries. The committee members represent a wide range of fields such as research and design, print production, photography, freelance graphic design and more.

According to many members on the committee, QCC's Interactive Media program is a smart first step to a promising career.

Recently, QCC's Interactive Media program has been going through academic program review and with hopes of expansion, the committee will play an important role in keeping the program strategic and current. 

Professor of Interactive Media Mary Valentine said committee members often provide guest lectures, networking opportunities and internships for current students. 

Committee member Wendy Whittaker, a principal user experience (UX) designer for Fidelity Investments,  said QCC was the best choice for her financially when she started higher education.

"QCC gave me the perfect foundation to move on...," said Whittaker, who transferred to the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design and enjoys the continuous change of the design world. "Growing and learning is always going to keep happening."

John Brissett, a UX consultant for Skillsoft and committee member, said he learned fundamental design language at QCC, which he applied to initial design jobs he had. This is a language he still uses in the UX field.  

"I think all the different classes in QCC's interactive media program give you a nice variety and I've actually used a little bit of everything. I started in advertising and eventually went to sound design. Whatever I go into I find different ways of connecting all the things that I've learned here," Committee member Nate Fillers said. 

"A lot of people in the design world have that satisfaction of fulfilling a specific role. Clients request things to get done and I get to see the finished product and receive feedback from clientele that they loved the work, or how the work accomplished their mission," said Daniel Silverio, a committee member who does business-to-business print production work.

"I went into marketing and there's so many jobs out there. It's an industry that's not going away," said committee member Joanne Miller, who is a design consultant for life sciences company NeoSome.

QCC alum Paul Melo knows firsthand the positive impact of QCC's interactive media program. Melo went to trade school for electrical wiring but started struggling and looked for other options. Because of an interest in billboard design, he enrolled in QCCps program and in 1995 graduated with a degree.

"I got into more technical printing and now I run print operations for Worcester Public Schools. I'm on this advisory board I because I want to give back whenever I can," Melo said. "The program here has really evolved. It got my feet on the ground and it's a great tool."

Current Interactive Media Advisory Committee members include:

  • John Brissette Jr. 
  • Lauren Cox
  • Joe Gonzalez Dufresne 
  • Nate Fillers 
  • David Gorham  
  • Paul Melo
  • Joanne Miller
  • Lawrence Paul Preston III
  • Pete Roberts
  • Luis Rodriquez  
  • Daniel Silverio
  • Priscilla Vasquez
  • Wendy Whittaker  
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