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How do I contact an Online Learning Coach?

Online Learning Coaches are here to help you succeed in classes in all modalities (blended, in-person, online, and remote) at QCC. Please use one of our contact methods listed below if you need help with any of the following:  

  • help navigating your Blackboard course  
  • accessing course materials  
  • accessing and/or submitting assignments  
  • logging onto your Zoom or Collaborate course  
  • using Zoom, Collaborate, Blackboard, Starfish, The Q, Qmail or other online tools  

Watch a video about this service

If you need assistance from an Online Learning Coach, use one of these contact options:  

Email: OnlineCourseHelp [at]   
Phone: 508.854.7455 (this is a landline and does not accept texts)
Text: 774-502-9469 (Ashley Bregman) or 774-502-9270 (Tricia LaFountaine)
Starfish: We are listed in your Success Network.  
Zoom: The Online Learning Coaches also are available to meet with students in Zoom by appointment. Contact them using one of the methods listed above to schedule a time.