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EZQ System for In-Person Meetings

In-Person Meetings: Join a line from anywhere!

In-person services are now available! Don’t get stuck waiting in line, join the line from anywhere! The new EZQ (Easy Queue)/Qless system allows you to get in line from anywhere so that you have more time to study, get to class, grab a coffee, visit with friends or soak up the sun. Don’t worry, you’ll receive wait time updates so you know when to visit the office for your meeting. It’s the smarter way to get in line.

The following offices use EZQ to schedule in-person meetings:

How it Works

  1. To meet in-person, join a line online, use the mobile app, or text "quinsig" to 508.315.6028.
  2. Once you have joined a line, you will get an text message that says "You have joined the line. X minutes until your appointment."
  3. Once it is your turn, you will get "It’s your turn!  Go to …..". At this time you may proceed to the appropriate office or location.
  4. If you do not appear at the location in time, you will get a message explaining, "Your appointment has expired you have 15 minutes to rejoin the line by texting J".
  5. If you do not rejoin the line, you will get a "NO Show" text and have your appointment cancelled. 

In-Person FlexAppointment Scheduling Process

  1. Make an appointment for an in-person meeting using the app, Web site, or kiosk. You can only schedule one active FlexAppointment in the system at a time.
  2. You will receive an email and text message confirming your in-person appointment. 
  3. 24 hours before your in-person appointment, you will receive an appointment reminder email. 
  4. The morning of the in-person appointment, you will receive a text reminder. 
  5. 30 minutes before your in-person appointment, you will receive a text reminder.
  6. You may proceed to the designated office or location of your in-person appointment.