Computer Science
Course Number
CSC 108
Semester Offered

This course is the first in a two-course sequence that provides students with a foundation in computer science. The complete two-course sequence is designed in such manner that students progress in knowledge, proficiency and professional maturity in software engineering principles, professional, and ethical conduct. Students develop fundamental programming skills using a language that supports an object-oriented approach, incorporating security awareness, human-computer interactions and social responsibility. This course emphasizes using a cyclic approach for program development by iterating through designing, coding, and testing program modules. Complemented by algorithm analysis, students are encouraged to think abstractly about problems and to begin developing processes for decomposing problems into organized parts. Encouraging clear documentation, good naming conventions and consistent secure coding style contribute to a disciplined approach to writing programs.

CIS 111, Placement into college level English, MAT 100 or appropriate placement score
Please Note
Four hours lecture