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Policies & Parking

Parking Rules & Regulations

Parking on QCC property is a privilege extended to members of the QCC Community.

Parking and traffic regulations apply to all employees, students, and other persons who operate any motor vehicles QCC property.

QCC strictly enforces parking policies and assumes no liability for damage to any vehicle or its contents.

To learn more, download the Parking Rules brochure.

Due of the limited number of parking spaces on campus, students are not guaranteed a parking space.

First-come, First-serve Basis

Any person who willfully, intentionally, and without right found defacing, removing or attempting to remove or in the unlawful possession of QCC owned property ( regulating sign, traffic cones, equipment, or marking device) erected or placed on the campus or other land of the college for control, movement or parking of vehicles shall be subject to a $150.00 fine.


These traffic regulations have been established in an effort to maintain a clear and safe path for all QCC Community members and visitors. The implementations of these regulations by no means are meant to hinder and/or deter parking on campus. Their purpose is to encourage the safe operation of motor vehicles while on campus, to maintain emergency vehicle access, to assist with pedestrian safety and to maintain parking consistency.

The Quinsigamond Community College BOARD OF TRUSTEES, acting under the powers granted by Chapter 15A, Section 13 of the Massachusetts General Laws hereby adopts, subject to subsequent amendment, the following traffic rules and regulations on the campus of Quinsigamond Community College and other land of the College.

All QCC faculty, staff, students and other persons who operate any motor vehicles on campus or other land of the College, are required to read, understand and abide by the traffic rules and regulations as outlined in this brochure.

Authority and Duties of Campus Police

It shall be the duty of the Campus Police within the Department of Public Safety, acting through the authority of Chapter 15a, Section 13 and Chapter 22c, Section 63 to enforce the provisions of these parking rules and regulations; provided, however, that to expedite the control, movement or parking of all motor vehicles or to safeguard pedestrians in the event of fire, emergency or for purposes of enforcement of these parking/traffic rules and regulations, officers of the respective state, municipal police or fire department may upon request of the Chief of Campus Police or his/her designee, direct and control traffic as conditions may require, notwithstanding the provisions of these parking/traffic rules and regulations.

Vehicle Registration - Parking Decals

Faculty and Staff

Any college employee who operates a vehicle on the campus must register that vehicle with the college police located in the Athletic Center. The vehicle registration must be accomplished within (7) working days from your effective hiring date. A registration form must be completed and signed by the employee and will be kept on file with the campus police. Failure to register within this period shall constitute grounds for denial of the privilege to operate a vehicle on the campus.

Faculty and Staff will be notified via notice through the college police on appropriate steps to follow when decals and procedures are up for revision.

Faculty and Staff Parking Areas

Faculty and Staff parking specifically includes all lower campus parking spaces, the Athletic Center lot, and the upper northeast parking area located within lot 1. Parking areas include designated lined spaces in the Surprenant lot, the front and rear of the Administration Building, the Athletic Center lot and for overflow, any upper campus eastside parking area. Reminder: All staff and student parking is first come first serve. It is not a guarantee that a parking space will be available in a staff or student lot. 

Proper Placement of Decals

Decals should be placed on the front windshield on the driver's side lower left hand corner.


All students who operate a motor vehicle on the campus must obtain a decal for the spring, summer and fall semesters. Listed below are the locations where Studentdecals can be obtained.

  • Campus Police Room 136 AC rear of Athletics
  • The Harrington Learning Center (During posted times)
  • The Fuller Center (with proof of payment for permit)

Students must have the parking decal displayed on the lower left hand side of the front windshield on their vehicle within the first two weeks of the spring and fall Semester.

Registration of a vehicle is not complete until the College parking registration insignia is permanently affixed to the vehicle.

Student Parking Areas

Main Campus Worcester: All students are required to  park ONLY, in the upper 5 parking lots located on the east side of the campus. Lot 1, row 1 is designated staff/faculty
parking. Any overflow parking will be in the Soccer Field only when directed by QCC Police.

Healthcare and Workforce Development Center: Parking is available in the lot across the street on a first come, first-serve basis. Overflow parking is located at the Worcester Library McGrath lot in green permit spaces only, unless otherwise directed by valet or QCC Police. 

QCC at Burncoat, QCC at the Worcester Senior Center, all other campuses: Parking at these sites is designated by the site.

Motorcycle Parking
All motorcycles are to be parked in the parking spaces located in the front Administration parking lot next to the entrance of the rotary, unless otherwise stated by signage. All other campus park in designated parking areas or parking space. 

Early Childhood Education Lab School

Designated parking spaces for parent drop off and pickup are clearly marked.


Permission to operate a vehicle on the campus or other land of the College is a discretionary privilege bestowed by the Board of Trustees of Quinsigamond Community College and such privilege may be denied, revoked, suspended or modified by action of the Board or by an Officer of the College herein authorized to take such actions.

No vehicle shall be registered for operation on the campus or other land of the College unless the person requesting registration has met the motor vehicle liability requirements for the operation and use of motor vehicles upon the ways of the Commonwealth.

Vehicle Expiration

Except when otherwise specified, College vehicle registration expires annually on September 1 and additionally under the following conditions:

a. All registrants – upon revocation, upon transfer of ownership of the vehicle or upon change of license plate number.

b. Employees – upon termination of employment at the College.

c. Students – upon termination of status as a student at the College.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary permits are required for vehicles not permanently registered with QCC Police. Temporary Parking Permits are dated with an expiration date and specify the location where a person is authorized to park his/her vehicle. All temporary permits must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard visible through the windshield . Temporary permits are designated for short-term stays at the college (i.e. consultants,contractors, auditors, vendors.)

Medical Parking Permits

Students who are disabled permanently or temporarily may apply for a special medical parking permit through the Office of Disability Services, Room 246A, located on the second floor of the Administration Building. Applicants will be required to fill out an application form and have their physician sign and authorize the application in order to obtain special parking privileges.

Prohibited Parking Areas – Tow – Away Zone Regulations

The following parking/traffic regulations authorize the towing of vehicles parked or standing, in such manner or in such areas as are further described, or in any way under the control of Quinsigamond Community College.

Authorization of Campus Police

The moving or towing of any vehicle under the provisions of Article V, shall be at the direction of the President of the College or his/her designee. The Chief of Campus Police will oversee the authorization of towed vehicles from Quinsigamond College Campus.


All towing and storage of towed vehicles will be at the owner of the vehicles expense. Towed vehicles may be picked up from the towing contractor upon the showing of proper identification and making the required payment. All fees levied shall abide by the laws of the State set forth by Massachusetts General Laws and shall follow the outlined structure below:

If a tow is called in and then canceled, and if the truck has not left the towing company’s yard, there shall be NO CHARGE levied to the owner of the vehicle. The College Police cannot provide transportation to the towing company. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner or operator of the vehicle to find transportation to the tow Company.

  • Fire Lane: No parking is permitted in any area designated fire lane.
  • Emergency Vehicle Access Lanes: No parking is permitted in any area designated for Fire, Police, or Ambulance. These areas are also the service roads on our campus and the areas around the entranceways to our campus buildings as well as all campus roadways marked or unmarked. They are considered TOW ZONES STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • Solid Green Markings These areas are no parking areas. They are considered TOW ZONES STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • Loading Zones The areas designated as loading zones have appropriate signage identifying their locations. Dumpster locations are also considered loading zone areas. They are considered a TOW ZONE.
  • Handicapped/Reserved Parking Handicap and Reserved Parking areas are clearly marked by appropriate lines and signage. This regulation is STRICTLY ENFORCED. TOW ZONE
  • Overnight Parking Overnight parking from 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. is prohibited on campus.
  • Extenuating circumstances that dictates a vehicle to be left overnight must be approved through the Department of Public Safety.
  • Any vehicle that has received five or more parking violations is subject to being towed, as are those vehicles that are found to be parked in areas designated as TOW ZONES:
  • Upon any sidewalk – Upon any crosswalk
  • Within (10) feet of a fire hydrant – Blocking a Driveway – Obstruct exit or entrance
  • In front of any barricade temporarily or permanently erected
  • On land not designed for vehicular traffic such as walks, lawns and open fields
  • In front of a gateway, entrance or other open area


Tow List​

Any vehicle with five or more unpaid violations will be placed on a Tow List. When found these vehicles will be towed under the direction of The Department of Public Safety and will continue to be towed until all fines are rectified by the owner/operator of the vehicle.

Traffic Rules

  • The speed limit on campus is 10 M.P.H. (unless otherwise posted).
  • Please observe all STOP, DO NOT ENTER, ONE WAY, ARROWS signage, etc.
  • Do not drive or park on walks, paths or grassy areas.
  • Observe all crosswalk markings by allowing pedestrians the right of way.

Ticket Violation Fines

  • 01 failure to display parking decal $20
  • 02 parked in a lot where decal does not apply $20
  • 03 overnight parking $25
  • 04 more than 12’’ from curb $20
  • 05 parking on or over space markings $20
  • 06 double parking $25
  • 07 one way operation $25
  • 08 blocking gateway, entrance to field service road or pathway $20
  • 09 counterfeiting, altering, defacing or transferring a registration or decal $25
  • 10 parking in delivery or service zone $20
  • 11 parked upon crosswalk or sidewalk $25
  • 12 firelane (subject to immediate tow) $30
  • 13 obstructing snow removal (subject to immediate tow) $20
  • 14 parked in tow zone $30 (subject to immediate tow)
  • 15 parking on land not for vehicular traffic $30
  • 16 emergency vehicle area $30 (subject to immediate tow)
  • 17 obstructing building entrances or exits $30 (subject to immediate tow)
  • 18 parked in a reserved space $30 (subject to immediate tow)
  • 19 failure to stop $50
  • 20 disregard of police officers direction $25
  • 21 failure to stop for pedestrian in crosswalk $100
  • 22 within 10’ of fire hydrant $50
  • 23 handicap parking $200
  • 24 blocking handicap ramp $200
  • 25 exceeding campus speed limit $50
  • 26 littering from a motor vehicle $25
  • 27 other (fee range $15 - $200)

Visitor Parking

All visitors parking are located in the upper level parking areas ONLY. There is no designated visitor parking area in lower level lots.

12 spaces at the west end of the Child Study Center – Designated 15 minute parking for Child Care Drop-off ONLY.

Those visitors coming onto campus for scheduled learning seminars and/or classes, must park in the upper parking lots designated as visitor/ student parking, unless given prior authorization from the Department of Public Safety.

Motorcycle Parking​

All motorcycles are to be parked in front of the Administration Building. Decals are not required for motorcycle parking, but the parking of motorcycles in the designated location is an essential requirement.

Abandoned Vehicles​

Any person who abandons a motor vehicle, registered or unregistered, upon any public or private way or upon any property (College) of another, without the permission of the owner of lessee of said property, shall pay a penalty of two hundred and fifty dollars for the first such abandonment and five hundred dollars for each such abandonment thereafter and, in addition thereto shall be liable for costs incurred by a city, town, or college in removing or disposing of such motor vehicle, including, but not limited to, towing, storage, processing and disposal charges.

Special Events Parking Procedures

Individuals and/or groups scheduling an event on campus, that will attract visitors, especially those utilizing buses, vans and private automobiles should notify the Public Safety Office

(ATT: Chief of Campus Police) in order to secure their assistance and plan for providing proper and safe parking.

The Public Safety Office will provide the individuals/groups with special instructions regarding parking in designated areas. Organizers of large events should work with Public Safety to arrange for traffic control and safety and parking away from heavily used areas of the campus.

Temporary Permits are not necessary when attending special events, ie…

Dance Recitals, Athletic Events, and Graduation… But visitors must not park in fire lanes, service vehicle space, or any area designated as a TOW ZONE area.

Payment Procedures and Penalties

Upon receipt of a Parking Violation the owner/operator may make payment in person at the Business Office located in the Administration Building room 07A. Payment of the fine within twenty-one days of the date of the violation will operate as the final disposition of the case. When mailing, payment is made only by Bank Check, Money Order or Personal Check and should be made out to the following:

By mail: 

Business Office
Quinsigamond Community College
670 West Boylston Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01606
Box 16

Pay online

Note: Funds collected from parking tickets will be used to fund QCC Student Scholarships.

Failure to pay or contest the violation within twenty-one days of the date of the violation will result in an additional fines. Failure to pay the fine or appeal it made may result in notification by the parking clerk to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for action against the registered owner. The registered owner may not be allowed to renew his/her license or registration until payment of the fines.


The owner/operator may choose instead to contest the violation. This must be done within twenty-one days from the date of receiving notice of the disciplinary action or other penalty. All appeals will be handled online. The Parking Clerk will then respond back in writing with the disposition of your appeal. ALL APPEAL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

Appeal a ticket online

The college reserves the right to forward all unpaid violations through to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. This action may result in the registered owner not being allowed to renew his/her license or registration until payment of all fines has been received.

Disciplinary Action

In addition to fines, holds and penalties imposed or other action taken by the College, repeated violations of the State or College motor vehicles laws or regulations shall subject the offender to action including but not limited to suspension or expulsion from the College.

Reporting Accidents

All motor vehicle accidents that occur on campus must be reported to the Department of Public Safety. The vehicles should not to be moved until the investigating officer instructs the drivers to do so. The Campus Police Officer will assist the parties with the exchanging of vehicle information and/or filing the necessary reports.

Police Escort Service

The Public Safety Department provides an escort service to all members of the Quinsigamond College Community. The purpose of the escort service is to ensure that all members of the college community reach their intended destination safely.

When calling for an escort, the dispatcher or the evening administrator taking your call will make every possible effort in having the Campus Police Officers escort you as soon as possible. There may be times however, when situations do arise that may delay your escort, such as a crime in progress, medical emergencies, etc. These calls are answered on a priority basis and will be handled as expeditiously as possible.

There may be times when a mobile escort is unavailable or not deemed necessary and a walking escort will be provided, the walking escort will be handled by a Campus Police Officer within the Public Safety Department.

If you choose to utilize the escort service, the following guidelines have been established to assist the college community and clarify this service.

  • The escort service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Escorts will be provided from building to building and from building to any parking area located on Quinsigamond Community College Property.
  • Escorts will be provided when on campus to all points of the campus.
  • Escorts are not meant for social pickups, rides to social activities, etc.
  • When calling for an escort, please supply the following information:
    • Specify your current location and intended destination.
    • Give your name to the person taking the call.
    • Give a call back number or extension number in the event you must be notified of a delay for your escort.

There may be extenuating circumstances and exceptions to certain guidelines. These circumstances and exceptions will be assessed and a determination will be made at the discretion of the shift supervisor.

Escort Service Phone Numbers

  • Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. – 508.854.4221 – Campus Police Dispatcher
  • Public Safety Emergency Number – Dial 508.854.4444 From Ext. Dial 4444
  • Monday – Friday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. - Evening Administrator – Dial 854.4532.4441 – 4476

Smoke-Free Environment Policy


Quinsigamond Community College recognizes the medical evidence that indicates that smoking is a serious health hazard, and that this health hazard extends to non-smokers subjected to second-hand smoke. The College recognizes its responsibility in providing a healthful working and learning environment. As a result, this policy was developed to establish rules and regulations concerning smoking on the QCC campuses.

Revision History:  

  • In 1997, a series of meetings took place with college constituents to discuss the introduction of a smoking ban at QCC. In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 270: Section 22 (smoking in public places), the state law that bans smoking in all public facilities, a November 14, 1997 memo was issued from the College President that banned all smoking in college buildings and entranceways.
  • On July 5, 2004, the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Workplace Law [M.G.L. Chapter 270: Section 22 (Smoking in Public Places)], which prohibits smoking in workplaces to protect employees and the public from secondhand smoke, was put in effect.
  • On August 10, 2004, key members of QCC staff met, designed and distributed a flyer promoting M.G.L. Chapter 270: Section 22 (smoking in public places) to employees and students.
  • QCC’s smoking rules and regulations are included in the Student Handbook and both full-time and part-time Employee Handbooks.
  • In 2005, under the new Governance Policy Procedures, the College’s Smoking Policy was revisited and updated.
  • In 2013, the College approve this revised smoke-free policy.
  • The Board of Trustees approved this current revised policy on April 10, 2019 which includes the ban of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

Persons Affected:

 This policy pertains to all staff, students, and visitors on QCC campuses, in QCC facilities and in vehicles owned, operated and controlled by QCC.


  • Smoking is prohibited within the confines of college grounds, any college building, or college vehicle (smoking is only to be permitted in private vehicles on campus). This includes usage of E-cigarettes and vaporizers.
  • The sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited. 5.0 Definitions: “Smoking” or “smoke”: possessing a lighted tobacco product or the lighting of a cigar, cigarette, pipe or other tobacco product including e-cigarettes and vaporizers (“vaping”) or another device used to inhale the vapor produced by inhaling/exhaling an e-cigarette or similar device. 6.0 Responsibilities:
  • It is the responsibility of the Campus Police to enforce the provisions of this policy with a positive approach.
  • It is the responsibility of each supervisor, manager, department head, director, dean and vice president to communicate the provisions of this policy in their area of accountability.
  • It is the responsibility of the College to offer support to smokers in the form of smoking cessation counseling and workshops.
  • It is the responsibility of the Marketing department to coordinate the “ban on smoking” signage in all college buildings and on all college grounds. o Advertise the date on which the campus will become smoke-free, publicizing this date widely, and repeatedly, as far in advance as possible (e.g., announcements in local publications, on local radio, local television) o Update all student orientation and recruitment materials to inform students and potential students that QCC is a Smoke-Free campus.
  • It is the responsibility of the College to provide an environment that encourages people to explore health-related behaviors.
  • It is the responsibility of the College to provide information regarding smoking cessation (e.g., purchase nicotine gum in bulk and sell it on campus at cost).
  • It is the responsibility of the College to advocate for the inclusion of tobacco use cessation products, medications and services in student health plans.
  • It is the responsibility of all staff, faculty, students and visitors on QCC campuses to observe the smoke-free environment policy.


  • The campus became smoke free on 9/3/13.
  • A transition period – took place in fall 2013 (e.g., specify a grace or leniency period), and involved Student Senate appointed “smoking cessation ambassadors” and “selected staff” to assist. (e.g., hand out thanks for not smoking cards).
  • 2019 – The College revised the policy to address E cigs and vapors.
  • As with all college policies, successful implementation of this policy requires College-wide cooperation, and all members of the College community are asked to assist. Violations of the smoke-free campus policy should be reported to the violator’s school dean or to the administrative supervisor in charge of the area where the violation occurred. 8.0 Sanctions: Violators will be subject to disciplinary action according to the Student Code of Conduct or Employee Handbook, which may include participation in a smoking cessation workshop, completion of community service, payment of fines, or subjection to the appropriate student or employee progressive discipline process.

Weapons Policy - Weapons and Firearms Policy

Except for authorized law enforcement purposes, no weapons of any kind are allowed on QCC campus. (Consistent with the College’s Code of Conduct).