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Old campus police badgeQuinsigamond Campus Police Badge
Patch retired Aug 2002New patch as of Sept. 2002Pink Patch Project

If you are a certified Law Enforcement Officer in the United States you may request a patch trade of 1:1. The Quinsigamond Community College Police Patch can only be traded for collecting / displaying purposes. 

If you are interested in a trade please send one of your departments' patch to the below address and the above displayed QCC patch will be sent out immediately after receiving your departments patch.

Pink Patches are available to purchase. $5.00 donation - Cash and checks only. Checks can be made out to Quinsigamond Community College. 

For purchase via mail: Please send address and money to:

Quinsigamond Police Department
Co:Pink Patch
Box 149
670 West Boylston Street
Worcester MA,01606