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Faculty/Staff Resources

Syllabus Statement

Classroom and campus safety are of paramount importance at Quinsigamond Community College, and are the shared responsibility of the entire campus population. QCC urges students to follow the “See something, Say something” protocol for all types of emergencies and the “Run, Hide, Fight” response for an active shooter incident.

Remain ALERT (through direct observation or emergency notification), ASSESS your specific situation, and ACT in the most appropriate way to assure your own safety (and the safety of others if you are able).

Campus Safety Training Webinar 

Presented by Campus Resource Officer Nicholas Yacuzzi on November 15, 2022.

Watch the Webinar (Password: aS=5k+JN)

Prepare for an emergency by using these tips which are located at:

  • Enter both QCC Police numbers into your mobile device. Quinsigamond Police recommend naming the contacts:
    • QCC Police – Emergency: 508-854-4444
    • QCC Police – Non-Emergency: 508-854-4221
  • Sign up for Rave emergency alerts on your account at The Q.
  • Download the QCC Mobile App and QCC Tip App on your mobile device and register for Alerts.
  • Review the Emergency Guide for your location.
  • Review the Classroom Emergency Evacuation Maps and Procedures.
  • Review how to use the classroom phone for an Emergency.
    • Press the “Right Arrow” key, select “Police,” and press the “OK” key to auto-connect to QCC Police.
  • View the Homeland Security’s Run, Hide, Fight video.
  • Follow proper Parking Procedures and Policies to ensure safe evacuation routes and allow Emergency Vehicles/First Responders immediate access.
  • Review Disability Emergency Evacuation Procedures.