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Lost & Found

QCC Police serves as the central collection point for lost and found items, such as jewelry, cellphones, electronics, wallets, eyeglasses, clothing, bikes, and any item of value. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to contact the department and inquire on any lost item(s).

To report a lost item or inquire if your items were turned in, contact the department directly at 508.854.4221 or complete the form below. Any items found should be delivered or reported to the QCC Police Department; if you are not able to deliver such item(s), a QCC Police Officer will pick them up.

Any item(s) found with identification inside will be contacted and informed of property found. Found item(s) are only held for a certain time at which time they are disposed of by donating to a charitable organization. Anyone claiming lost and found property at the QCC Police Department must show a positive identification such as the QCC ID or a driver's license...

Please provide all items lost with the most descriptive information. This will assist in identifying your items if found back to you.

Complete the Lost & Found Form and submit to campus police.