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Emergency Phone Locations

emergencyphones1_0-display.jpg emergencyphones2_0-display.jpg

As part of the college's on going effort to enhance safety and security programs, fourteen emergency phones have been installed throughout the campus. These phones offer an additional way for community members to report incidents.

These phones are programmed to dial the campus emergency number 4444 when the button is pushed, and have a two-way speaker capacity. During the day, these calls will indicate the exact location from where the call is being made. The campus police dispatcher will immediately dispatch a Quinsigamond police officer to the scene, and appropriate action will be taken. After hours, weekends and holidays the emergency phone will ring directly through to the campus police officers hand held radio communication phone and officers will respond accordingly.

All classrooms on the main Worcester campus have standard phones that enable the user to call the emergency number x4444 or 911 as appropriate.

Administration Building

  • Sub-basement
  • Basement Cafeteria/Bookstore
  • Basement beside se​rvice elevator/cafete​ria
  • Basement beside main elevator
  • 1st floor beside service and main elevators
  • 2nd floor beside service and main elevators
  • 3rd floor beside service and main elevators
  • 4th floor beside room 416 A

Surprenant Building

  • Basement level beside elevator (B-S)
  • 1st floor beside elevator (1-S)
  • 2nd floor beside elevator (2-S)
  • 3rd floor beside elevator (3-S)
  • 4th floor beside elevator (4-S)

Athletic Center

  • First floor East entrance beside athletic office (1-G)
  • Swimming Pool (2-G)
  • Women's Locker Room (3-G)
  • Men's Locker Room (4-G)

Ahlfors Building

  • front hallway by the men's room (1-AL)

Child Study Center

  • 1st floor hallway beside phone closet (1-C)

Student Parking Lots

  • BOX 1 Parking Lot #1 (Adjacent center stairs)
  • BOX 2 Parking Lot #1 (Sidewalk across from Harrington Learning Center)
  • BOX 3 Parking Lot #2 (Center of parking lot)
  • BOX 4 Parking Lot #3 (Sidewalk across from Athletic Center)
  • BOX 5 Parking Lot #3 (Center of parking lot)
  • BOX 6 Parking Lot #4 (Near Athletic Field)
  • BOX 7 Parking Lot #4 (Between Lot 4/5 near exit road)
  • BOX 8 QuEST Entrance by Lot 1
  • BOX 9 QuEST Entrance by Admin Revolving Door

QuEST Center

  • 1st Floor by elevator (Q1)
  • 2nd Floor by elevator (Q2)
  • 3rd Floor by elevator (Q3)
  • Ground Floor by elevator (QG)