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Student Life

Whether you are taking a single course or attending full time, enrollment at Quinsigamond will open a world of experiences for you. The Fuller Student Center is the place where it happens: connect with other students, contribute to the student newspaper, The Open Door, join a special interest club or get involved with the Student Senate. Our wide range of student activities, both on and off-campus, will give you a chance to expand your horizons, build leadership skills, share ideas, and meet interesting people.


Quinsigamond also offers men's and women's intercollegiate sports teams in basketball, baseball, and softball. The QCC Wyerns put together strong teams each year, have held national rankings, and provide enjoyment and school pride for spectators and players alike. Read more about Athletics at QCC...

The QCC Athletic Center is available to students free of charge, and offers a full gymnasium, sauna, weight room, and exercise equipment. Our staff can also provide you with exercise guidance to meet your health and fitness needs.

Clubs and Organizations

Animé Club

Watch, discuss and share a love of animé. Meet other students with similar interests.

ALANA (Americans of African, Latino, Asian, and Native American descent)

ALANA is a civic engagement student organization.  It is open to all student members of the QCC Family.  ALANA provides a space for its members to gain leadership and organizational skills.  It also provides a space for them to discuss the social, cultural, and historical forces that have shaped their communities and identities.  ALANA programming initiatives promote awareness of the intellectual and cultural production of Americans of African, Latino, Asian, and Native American descent.

ALANA sponsors a broad range of cultural programming and civic engagement initiatives.  The QCC chapter of ALANA has a special interest in history and expressive culture. ALANA sponsors the Sankofa Lecture Series, as well as three annual poetry readings:  Local Harvest (October), Worcester Women Poets (March), and the Worcester Poetry Showcase (April).  ALANA collaborates with the School of Humanities and Education and the Worcester Country Poetry Association to sponsor these events.  This distinctive contribution makes ALANA unique among student clubs at QCC and in the network of ALANA clubs in Worcester.  ALANA participates in Crossing Boundaries, an annual conference sponsored by the network of ALANA clubs at several other colleges in the Worcester Consortium.

ALANA is dedicated to serving the civic, cultural, educational, and social needs and interests of its members, the QCC Family, and the city of Worcester.

Business and Entrepreneurship Club

The purpose of the Business and Entrepreneurship Club is to create the opportunity for all QCC students to expand their knowledge of business and entrepreneurship.

Chess Club

All students may be members of the Chess Club. They should have an interest in chess no matter what their level of knowledge. Members must remain in good academic standing with a QPA of 2.0 better.

Christian Student Union

The purpose of this organization is glorify God on the Campus of Quinsigamond Community College by establishing and advancing a loving community of students and faculty that exists to know Jesus Christ and make him known through personal relationship with Christ, meaningful friendships with one another and engagement in Christ’s mission to impact the world.

Creative Arts Club

The purpose of this club is to enhance the artistic abilities of our club members and create projects using different art styles.

Criminal Justice Club

The purpose is to provide all of the students of the college community with a liaison to the various criminal justice professions including but not limited to: police, probation, prison/correctional, legal, and all other local, county, state and federal public safety and legal professions

Dance Crew

The Dance Crew seeks to provide members the meaning of dance expressions through dance styles and to gain the understanding of various techniques. The Dance Crew also works with students to teach and develop practical dance skills.

Dental Hygiene Club

The Student American Dental Hygiene Association   is composed   of the College’s First and Second Year Dental Hygiene students. The Association’s purpose is to promote professionalism and maintain active participation in the American Dental Hygiene Association.  Dental Assisting Students maintain active participation in the American Dental Assisting Association.

The Dental Clubs are dedicated to promoting Dental Health Education and service in the community. The Dental Clubs are open to students registered in the Dental Programs and are comprised of three clubs:

  1. First Year Dental Hygiene Club
  2. Second Year Dental Hygiene Club
  3. Dental Assisting Club

Early Childhood Education Club

The Early Childhood Education Club offers students enrolled in the Early Childhood Program an opportunity to support their profession, families, and children in this community. Students plan and participate in field trips to enhance their professional knowledge and raise funds for families in need through a holiday toy drive. Also as members of the Worcester Association for the Education of the Young Child, students participate with the community in celebrating the Week of The Young Child.

Engineering Club

Discuss environmental, technological, and safety issues and their effects on the community and society.

Fashion Club

Fashion Club’s purpose is to enlighten students on the world of fashion and to give students the opportunity to showcase their creativity, talents and express one’s self through fashion.

Gateway to College Club

The purpose of this organization will be to create a safe environment for all the current/graduated students of the GTC program along with students transitioning from high school to college. In addition the club members will assist the GTC staff in outreach and other special projects.

Human Service Club

The purpose of this club is to promote an interest in Human Service activities among students. Students are involved in advocacy, outreach, and fund raising, which support student efforts to participate in activities such as meetings and conferences throughout the state and the nation.

Intercultural Club

The purpose of Intercultural Club is to provide members and the school community a means of expressing, relating, and learning a better understanding of international culture, to visit different cultural centers in the country and to build bridges between different cultures in areas of language, race, religion and ethnicity.  We also seek to provide international students an opportunity to learn and understand the American system and culture and American students to learn and gain understanding of different world cultures.

Math Team

The team participates in the Student Mathematics League Competition, a national contest sponsored by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.  There are two challenging rounds of competition—one in the fall and one in the spring.  All QCC students who have not earned a two-year or four-year degree are eligible to participate.  Individual and team honors are awarded.

Music Club

Music Club is an all-out, highly strung, beat bashing club, that’s all about the music.  Anyone can join. There are three factions to Music Club: performing, appreciation, and learning. For anyone who has always wanted to sing, or play an instrument in front of a crowd, music club offers many opportunities to do so. Or if you like music, but are not interested in performing or learning, a group within Music Club meets weekly to discuss music, whether your taste are current, older, or classical.  All discussions are welcome. And then there are those who only wish to learn.  If you have ever thought of learning an instrument but never gave it a try, Music Club is a great place to learn. We hold weekly lessons, at no cost, for anyone that is interested. No matter what genre you’re into music club does it all!  If you have the passion we have the music.

Nursing Club

This club is designed to provide its members with an opportunity to identify with the nursing profession and to foster intellectual, educational and social activities related to nursing. The club’s outstanding event of the year is the candlelight pinning ceremony.


The Older than Average Students in School club membership is open to enrolled older students in the QCC community. As often as you can, come and join the fun and create some of your own. Activities and meetings are planned by members. Experience friendship, community service, social events, and lectures to enhance your college experience. There is always room for sharing and caring and each semester is a new experience.  Come and open your creative horizons.

Occupational Therapy Club

The objective of this club is to encourage a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of Occupational Therapy within the community and the College. Club members sponsor educational as well as social activities, work with handicapped students, and provide other students with information about the program and the profession.

The “Open Door” Newspaper

The Open Door is QCC’s newspaper and   is published   monthly.   Look to the Open Door for important updates from various student offices, educational departments, as well as general campus news and happenings. Readers can expect to find helpful information on many aspects of the college as well as sports and entertainment news. It is a student run publication supervised by staff and the editor. All students are encouraged to contribute on a free-lance basis or make a commitment to be a staff member. We welcome photographs, drawings, poetry, creative writing, opinion pieces, other contributions, and suggestions. Deadlines and submission information can be found on the inside page of the paper. Contact us at opendoor@qcc., or stop by the office in the Fuller Student Center.

Outdoors Club

Group activities including – but not be limited to-hiking, walking and rafting.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society for Community and Junior Colleges. The purpose of this scholastic society is to recognize and encourage fellowship, scholarship, leadership, and service among two-year college students. In pursuit of these ideals, its members enter into an intellectual and cultural fellowship that extends beyond a particular campus to regional and national networks.

Through the achievement of high academic standards, recognized qualities of good citizenship, leadership, and service, Phi Theta Kappa members enrich not only themselves but their colleges, their communities, and their society.  For eligibility, Quinsigamond students are required to be enrolled in an associate degree program or certificate program, have a 3.5 QPA, have earned at least 16 academic credits, be of good moral character with recognized qualities of citizenship. The on-campus chapter is Alpha Zeta Theta.  It is, indeed, an honor for students to be selected to this prestigious organization.

To learn more, visit our Phi Theta Kappa Website.

Pride Alliance

Membership is open to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. The purpose of the Alliance is to increase awareness and understanding of gay and lesbian issues on campus and to give members a safe and open forum for discussion. Members share experiences and information about community happenings, and they work together on planning educational programs and social events.

Psi Beta

QCC sponsors a local chapter of Psi Beta, a national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. The QCC Psi Beta chapter regularly meets along with the Psychology Club and provides the same opportunities for engaging with psychology as does the Psychology Club. However, members of Psi Beta receive additional benefits, such as recognition for academic excellence and eligibility to win Psi Beta awards. Due to its status as an honor society, students must meet certain standards of academic excellence to join. For more information contact chapter advisor Professor Valarie Clemente at vclemente [at] and visit the Psi Beta website at

Psychology Club

The QCC Psychology club provides an opportunity for students to engage in psychology beyond the classroom. It provides a point of social contact for students interested in psychology and organizes numerous activities related to psychology. Recent activity highlights include organized participation in community outreach efforts and fund raising to provide guidance and support to local populations, awareness raising initiatives about suicide, and sponsorship of a guest lecture series in psychology. The club is open to all QCC students. For more information contact chapter advisor Professor Valarie Clemente at vclemente [at]

Quinsigamond Activities Committee

The Quinsigamond Activities Committee will assist the Office of Student in the planning and implementation of all ongoing social, cultural, and recreational activities at Quinsigamond Community College.

Radiologic Technology Club

The purpose of this club is to provide the College community with a liaison to the profession of Radiologic Technology and, specifically, to the Quinsigamond Radiologic Technology Program. The club serves as a vehicle to introduce its members to local, state, and national Radiologic Technology organizations and provide through social and educational functions, a means of expanding its members’ knowledge and appreciation of the profession.

Respiratory Care Club

This club provides a vehicle for Respiratory Therapy students to become further integrated into the student body outside the health programs. Its objectives are to promote group cohesiveness and personal growth, promote the respiratory care profession, and sponsor various fund raising events that will support students’ efforts to attend educational meetings.

Robotics Club

Vex Education is dedicated to providing engaging and fun student experiences while learning to make Vex robots. This team also competes in tournaments around the country.

Theatre Guild

The QCC Theatre Guild exists to provide students an opportunity to assist in the development of plays for theatrical productions on campus. The theatre group looks to produce a play in the spring along with other events throughout the year. Students are encouraged to become involved in all areas of play production from set design to taking the lead.

Veterans Club 

The purpose of this club is to provide an array of support for veterans, their family members and students who are serving in the armed forces through activities on campus and in the community. The veterans club also provide members with comprehensive support services.