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Community Reading Fosters Discussion and Understanding

December, 2017
  • QCC students and faculty engage in lively discussion.
  • QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja listens to Jazz Jennings read her book, "I Am Jazz," with QCC students, faculty and staff.

On December 7, a powerful message of inclusion was delivered via video as students, faculty and staff listened to author Jazz Jennings read her book, “I Am Jazz” during a recent event held by the college’s Diversity Caucus and Pride Alliance. Both groups worked to facilitate the reading and subsequent discussion that addressed the real life story of Jazz Jennings. This was just one of numerous inclusion events held throughout the year at QCC.

The critically acclaimed children’s book tells Jazz Jennings’ story, detailing how from the age of 2 she knew that “she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.” Jazz Jennings is a transgender teen who told her life story to the world through the children’s book. In easy to understand language that draws in both young and older readers, she tells the story of her life as transgender child and young adult. The story of Jazz Jennings has garnered national attention and brought about discussions such as the one at QCC, in schools and campuses across the country.

“Gender has taken a whole new fluidity to it and that’s fantastic,” said Tina Wells, QCC Counseling Services Coordinator.