Earn an associate degree or certificate from one of our skills-based Mathematics & Sciences programs. These programs will prepare you for a lucrative career in math or science, or to transfer to a four-year college or university. Find the program that’s right for you and reach out if you need help!

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Associate in Arts
A biology lab table with various equipment
Associate in Arts

Biotechnology uses the knowledge of living things to improve human life. You can earn a 2-year associate degree or shorter term certificate. Graduates work in many areas, including the making of medicines, the food industry, environmental technology and many others.

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Associate in Arts

Students in the environmental science major at QCC are prepared to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in the environmental field. This program will allow students to evaluate human impact on the environment. As Greta Thurnberg states "We aren’t destroying the biosphere because we are selfish. We are doing it simply because we are unaware." Be a part of the solution and join The Liberal Arts - Environmental Science Option!

Chemistry lab
Associate in Arts

Chemistry is everywhere! Students who complete an associate degree in chemistry can transfer to many 4-year colleges to earn a bachelor's degree. Common bachelor's degree programs include chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical engineering. Students may also begin careers in some chemical research fields.

QCC students in a biology classroom use microscopes
Associate in Arts

Get started with the basics of biology with the Liberal Arts Biology program. Graduates will earn an associate degree that transfers to biology programs at four-year colleges. This degree can also be a first step toward a range of careers, including research scientist, doctor, dentist, or veterinarian.

A man in a lab coat works in a pharmacy
Associate in Arts

Earn a pre-pharmacy associate degree and transfer directly to pharmacy school! There is a high demand for well-paid pharmacists in community pharmacies as well as drug companies. Many QCC students also receive scholarships to attend pharmacy school.


1 Program
Associate in Arts
An instructor points out a math equation on a whiteboard
Associate in Arts

The QCC Liberal Arts - Mathematics Option associate degree program provides a well-rounded foundational education in the liberal arts disciplines, with an emphasis on courses enabling students to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in mathematics and/or a related field.

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