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Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  1. To respect the rights of all members of the Quinsigamond Community College Community. Individual rights should be respected in the classroom, on the Quinsigamond College Campus and at off-campus Quinsigamond College sponsored events.
  2. To respect and abide by the Board of Higher Education Policies and the Quinsigamond Community College Policies, in particular:
    • the sexual harassment policy
    • the affirmative action policy
    • the drug and alcohol policy
    • the policy against racism
    • the policy against handicapped discrimination
    • the hazing policy
  3. To become knowledgeable about all academic and student policies and procedures.
  4. To become knowledgeable about course requirements as identified by individual faculty members.
  5. To comply with civil laws and regulations.

Student Rights

  1. Be able to pursue educational opportunities.
  2. Have freedom to exercise the rights of citizenship, association, inquiry, and expression.
  3. Have right of privacy and confidentiality as defined by law.
  4. Have right of representation in process of making recommendations.
  5. Have right to quality education.
    1. Competent instruction.
    2. Assistance in overcoming disadvantages.
    3. Receive in writing a course description.
  6. Have right to fair and equal treatment, to read and respond to all college correspondence, both on paper and electronically.
  7. Have right to procedural due process in the review of student grievance

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend their scheduled classes. Instructors will disseminate attendance requirements in writing to their students during the first week of class.