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Logos & Templates

All official college entities should follow these brand guidelines. For assistance or with special requests, please contact Institutional Communications (jmartin [at]

Logo usage: Safe SpaceDemonstration of safe space around QCC logo

  • Safe space around the logo assures that it has maximum visibility and impact wherever it is used.  As illustrated, the height of the Q icon in the logo is the standard unit of measurement in calculating the safe space.
  • The height is always relative to the size of the logo being used.
  • The safe space on each side of the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the Q icon.
  • Do not violate this space with any text or graphic elements

The QCC Logo

  • The four color logo is for full-color applications, such as brochures, flyers, websites, posters, brochures, letterheads, and business cards.
  • A one-color logo is for single-color applications such as fax cover sheets, promotional items, documents printed on black and white laser printers, etc.
  • The logo may be reduced to 1.5 inches wide
  • The logo must always be legible
  • Do not distort, reposition elements, or alter parts of the logo in any way. If you need to resize the logo, please only resize using the corner handle of the image (Microsoft Word), rather than the sides, as this will distort the image. In Photoshop or other image programs, pressing shift while resizing will keep image proportions.

Department Logos

  • Department logos (logos for any entities within the college) are created by institutional communications. Please contact IC to request a logo for your department.

Logo file types

  • For logos imported into Microsoft Office applications, .png files should be used.
  • For logos imported into Adobe applications, .eps files should be used.
  • If the logo is reproduced larger than 3 inches wide, vector artwork or eps files must be used.
  • All reproductions of QCC’s logo or mascot must be approved by the Office of Institutional Communications


  • For full-color printing, use CMYK colors (Known as “process colors”) as per file specs.
  • Each PMS color has an associated CMYK color, i.e: 2945C = 98, 74, 4, 0. See color printing 101.
  • PMS Stands for Pantone Matching System –A print industry standard for color matching. “C” = coated, “U” = uncoated, “M” = matte, for the different types of paper.
  • Please note that the four-color QCC logo cannot be reproduced using various screens of PMS 2945C.

One color logo:

  • If the logo is being printed on materials where PMS 2945C will not be highly visible, a solid white or black logo is acceptable.

QCC Wyvern

The mythological dragon-like creature that is QCC’s mascot has a very distinctive look. Wyvern artwork is used primarily for athletics and non-scholastic event collateral but may be used for other projects based on IC approval.

Wyvern Colors

  • PMS 2727CV blue
  • PMS 130C orange
QCC LogoColor


 1 Color

QCC 1 color logo


QCC black logo



QCC Wyvern  

Quinsigamond Wyvern

QCC Brothers & Keepers 

Brothers and Keepers logo

Additional ElementsOfficial Seal


 QCC Powerpoint Template


 QCC Connections Header


 QCC Crime Alert Poster Template 


For questions regarding logo usage, please contact swhitters [at]