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2017 Fall

Fall 2017 Course Schedule Book

2017 Summer

2017 Athletic Center Brochure

2017 Financial Aid Brochure

2017 Honors Program Brochure

2017 Q Portal Brochure

2017 Summer/Fall Enrollment Guide

2017 Testing Brochure

2017 Tutoring Center Brochure

3-11-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Financial Aid

Guest Speakers
Robert Loconto - Associate Director of Financial Aid

3-4-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Community Outreach

Guest Speakers
Ethan O'Connell - Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa
Kimberly May - President of Phi Theta Kappa
Kira Marlowe - Psi Beta Member

6-15-17 Capital Campaign/Gail Carberry Retirement Gala (1/2)

6-15-17 Capital Campaign/Gail Carberry Retirement Gala (2/2)

6-24-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Dr. Gail E. Carberry's Retirement

Guest Speakers
Dr. Gail E. Carberry - QCC President

6-3-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Robotics and CSET

Guest Speakers
Betty Lauer - Coordinator of the Computer Systems Engineering Technology Program

7-1-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Auto Tech

Guest Speakers
Donald Morin - Coordinator of the Automotive Technology Program

7-11-17 WNT 10pm: Michael Moore, Luis Pedraja Speak on Free Community College

7-22-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Dylan Marengo

Guest Speakers

Dylan Marengo – Alumni, Owner of Lucky’s Aquarium

7-3-17 Dr. Luis Pedraja Interviewed on Beacon Hill Chat

7-8-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Admissions

Guest Speakers
Mishawn Davis-Eyene - Director of Admissions


8-12-17 QCC’s Face the Region: Solar Eclipse

Guest Speakers
Andria Schwortz - Professor of Integrated Science/Physics


8-21-17: QCC Solar Eclipse Party

Book of Lists Manufacturing Ad

Dr. Pedraja Reception Invite

Gail Carberry Gala Student Testimonials

Gail Carberry Gala Testimonials

Gail Carberry Gala Testimonials II

Gala Boards

Gala Program

Manufacturing Ads for WBJ

MO 03-06-17 Priority Registration Postcard

MO 03-13-17 Priority Registration Postcard

MO 03-27-17 General Registration Postcard

MO 04-03-17 Break the Bank Census Card

MO 04-03-17 General Registration Postcard

MO 04-19-17 General Registration Postcard

MO 05-08-17 General Registration Postcard

MO 07-21-17 One Stop Postcard

QCC Alternatives Tearsheet

Summer 2017 Course Schedule Book

Summer 2017 Southbridge Stonebridge Press Ads

WEC'Appella Sponsor Form

2017 Spring

1-26-17 The Mayor’s Forum: Gail Carberry

2-18-17 QCC's Face the Region: Life After QCC

Guest Speakers
Susan Meola - Assistant to the Dean of Students
Nichole Wheeler - Career Placement Representative

2-25-17 QCC's Face the Region: Photonics

Guest Speakers
Jacob Longacre - Assistant Professor of Electronics Engineering Technology

2-4-17 QCC's Face the Region: Phi Theta Kappa

Guest Speakers
Holden Lindblom - PTK Officer at Large
Ethan O'Connell - Executive Vice President of PTK

2016 BW GED-HiSET Ad

2017 Coporate Brochure

2017-2018 Areas of Study Brochures

2017-2018 Catalog

3-18-17 QCC’s Face the Region: QCC Community

Guest Speakers
Michael Beane - Director of Student Life and Leadership
Edward Reitz - Parliamentarian of the Student Senate
Beryl Pettiford - Psi Beta Psychology Club