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Welcome from the Foundation President

“…when generosity goes to work.”

Success builds as our multi-million dollar capital campaign surpasses its long-reach goal.  The just-opened QuEST Center, featuring an enviable FabLab, readies curious students for energetic careers in science, engineering and technology, with the beautiful language of mathematics.  This main campus landmark integrates into the overall curriculum, which, buttressed increasingly by the fine and performing arts, turns the classic STEM into the distinctive STEAM, as Dr. Gail Carberry, the President of Quinsigamond Community College, wisely points out.

Meanwhile, the capital campaign, named RISE, for Regional Investment in Service + Education, propelled the much-praised recent major College expansion in downtown Worcester.  Some 2,000 students now enliven the bustling central city.  Growth stands as the Southbridge campus’s hallmark where daily progress exceeds even the stretch plans.  And momentum marks the gathering high ambition for more teaching and learning in Marlborough.

The volunteer, private sector, non-profit Quinsigamond Community College Foundation also specializes in funding scholarships.  We send to the College hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, enabling determined students, many of them untraditional and all of them eager to prove their own truths in the American dream by advancing themselves with the priceless lifelong possession of an education.

The Foundation Board recently decided to reconfirm our best-friend relationship with the College through pivotal revisions to our Bylaws.  Now, methodically, we’re proceeding, through additional real estate capabilities, to produce, over time, increasingly significant wherewithal to underwrite still further College growth in quality, size, and scope.  The College is state-assisted, certainly, but not wholly supported.

The Foundation Board, shoulder-to-shoulder with the College Board of Trustees, chaired by Susan Mailman, and alongside Dr. Carberry’s administration, offers, in shared purpose, the promise of even more student opportunity, itself surely the foremost, consequential highlight of a thriving wider community.

I invite you to bring your own ideas, talents and means, and see for yourself the deep value of generosity at work.   

Warm regards,

Larry Morrison, President