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The Worcester LEAP

various photonics equipment

The Lab for Education and Application Prototypes (LEAP) at WPI will serve as a hub in Central Massachusetts for education and training in integrated photonics, with WPI and QCC working in partnership to serve the needs of students and industry. QCC & WPI will develop teaching and training materials for enhanced educational pathways for QCC students to transfer to WPI.  QCC and WPI will offer students a strong educational foundation in integrated photonics (from certificate programs through PhD), expanding workforce training opportunities. This partnership combines the core strengths of both institutions.

From K–12 outreach activities, to community college training programs, to graduate education, LEAP’s educational programs in integrated photonics will place an emphasis on exposing tomorrow’s innovators to state-of-the-art equipment and applications.

QCC and WPI’s education and training programs will be developed in close collaboration with industry, and LEAP will help prepare a technologically competent workforce ready to go to work to help companies succeed in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Integrated photonics devices can perform similar functions as electronics, but are often faster, use less power, and can be made at smaller scales. The ­field opens up exciting new avenues for the development of sensors, imaging technologies, medical diagnostics, and more. Photonics is an area of technology that involves transmitting and processing information with light (photons) instead of electricity (electrons). Integrated photonics may usher in a new era in the Information Age, with a wide array of potential applications in communications, computing, healthcare, and other industries.

Learn more about WPI's role in the Worcester LEAP.

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