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Stevie Dickerson

Stevie Dickerson

"QCC had everything I wanted in a school"

Why did you choose QCC?

I arrived to the area after getting a job in Shrewsbury after getting out of the Navy and continuing my career in the power industry. After determining I wanted a change and that I wanted to be a programmer, I decided to use my GI bill to go to school to get a degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS). QCC had everything I wanted in a school: smaller classes (I have attended a large school before and prefer a smaller class size) and positive reviews from alumni.

Do you feel QCC gave you a solid foundation from which to build on?

Yes. I did, my systems analysis and design course (taught by Bob Desilets) and refer to and put into practice almost everything I learned every day of my job. I work for a small software company that designs grant management software, and there are a lot of things to consider regarding workflow and compliance with the law, form requirements, etc.

What was the best takeaway from QCC?

The work you put in will yield better outcome in all facets of life, including education. The professors at QCC all care and want to pass on what knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years onto us, the next generation of contributors to society. I tried to soak up as much as I could from it and it helped a lot.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your time at QCC?

If it weren’t for my participation in the program for the Tech Internship Program, and professors Charulata Trivedi, Bob Desilets, and Joe Whitney from Career Placement, I wouldn’t have heard about then interviewed for the job I have now. I want to thank all of them.