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Lisa DeWitt

Lisa DeWitt

Why did you choose QCC to begin your nursing career?

The program at QCC applied credits from my previous nursing education to a fast track program from LPN to RN. The program was flexible, which allowed me to work as an LPN while advancing my education. QCC provided a thorough nursing program that enabled me to be prepared for the NCLEX exam.

Do you feel QCC gave you a solid nursing foundation?

Yes, QCC’s educational foundation enabled me to graduate and be hired as a nursing supervisor when I became a RN. QCC’s nursing program offered me—and all students—exposure to different fields in nursing, which provided a well-rounded education.

What was the best takeaway from QCC?

One of the benefits of being enrolled in a small community college was that I really got to  know the staff and students. The staff was so invested in the student nurses’ success in the program, providing additional support outside of clinical or the classroom. You could tell they enjoyed teaching and being a nurse—a great example for the future nurses to come. It made you want to work harder and strive for your goal of being a nurse.

Is there anything else you would care to share about your time at QCC?

Nursing school was far from easy, but when you are dealing with lives it shouldn’t be. I picked a very tough program at QCC. I do not think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for what I received here. I am proud I am a graduate of QCC.