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Kim Lawrence


“ It felt like family from the first phone call! ”

What are you studying?

Liberal Arts

Why did you choose QCC?

It felt like family from the first phone call! I’m 44 and had worked for 25 years as a professional chef/pastry chef and really just wanted to re-invent myself. I called other colleges but didn’t get an enthusiastic or heart-felt response from any of them.

What is your goal? Career?

Clinical Psychologist. I’ve spent years serving people’s nutritional needs, now I want to serve them emotionally.

What’s the best thing about QCC?

It’s an environment that cultivates educational empowerment.

Anything else you’d care to share about attending QCC?

QCC has been my academic security blanket; It has kept me safe and warm while encouraging me to explore my academic capacity. QCC has done so much for me; whatever I can do to give back, I will.