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Jose Cruz


“ QCC has prepared me for the next step! ”

What are you studying?

General Studies – Biotechnology Option

Why did you choose QCC?

I chose QCC for its affordability and location – it’s close to where I work. It also had the program I wanted:  Biotechnology. We need science to fight cancer and other genetic diseases. It will also allow me to find a career instead of working multiple jobs.

My goal is to work in the life sciences field in genetic engineering. QCC has prepared me for the next step! After graduation I’m transferring to Worcester State University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology.

What is the best thing about QCC?

The best thing about QCC is the focus on education and preparing students for the workforce.

How do you balance personal life and school?

I balance school and my personal life with a lot of patience and determination. Science will help me raise my family from poverty and break the cycle. I’ll be able to give my family a better life.