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Catalina Fajardo


“ There is a time for everything and right now is my time. ”

What are you studying?

Dental Assisting, Bridge to Dental Hygiene

Why did you choose QCC?

I chose QCC for several reasons: I researched all the schools that had a Dental Hygiene program and QCC was, by far, the best choice for cost, location, quality of the program and stability of the program.

What’s the best thing about QCC?

I enjoy the teachers - they motivate and treat all students as professional adults, which, as an adult, makes a huge impact on me. I appreciate it more. I’m also happy that I don’t have to drive to Boston to attend college.

How do you balance personal life and school?

All of my time is structured. My classes and homework come first and everyone else has to pitch in and help.

Anything else you’d care to share about attending QCC?

There is a time for everything and right now is my time. I raised my children, took care of my husband and home while he pursued his education, so now it’s my turn. I’m more focused and goal oriented as a mature adult and I get better grades. My nationality is Chilean and our family structure is a bit old-school where the wife and mother takes care of everyone else first. Now that my family is in a good, solid place, I can pay attention to my goals and with QCC, I know I’ll succeed.